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Until the marriage it is seen as an arrest, where the man will not be more the dominant being, but the dominated one, as well as the animals. We do not forget in them to speak of the city where if it finds Mabel and its family. The localization of this city is characterized as an industrial place, esqulida, without much life. To the side it is the insolvent farm of the family of Mabel. This bankruptcy and the end of the businesses for this family portraies a society that is leaving to exist, opening space for a mechanical world, industrialized.

With the bankruptcy of its family, Mabel if feels unprovided of being able and security, displayed to a world that it is unaware of, in which is incapable to live without its financial status. Mabel lives in two worlds, an exterior and another interior. The exterior world can be described as a masculine world, where the marriage of the father exists, and the entailed pride to the money. In contradiction to this world we have the interior world, where Mabel searchs the death anxiously, in order to obtain its ' ' glorificao and purificao' '. We observe that Mabel does not have active a social life, basically the life of it are of house if it summarizes to make purchases or to visit the tomb of its mother in the cemetary. The relation of the Mabel with the exterior world was before established in the pride characterized in the money, now without it, Mabel is threatened, it does not have more power and security. Continue to learn more with: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. For it the money represents something more important of what family or its proper education.

Then we find Mabel going to the cemetary, there ' ' it always felt insurance, as nobody could sees-la' '. Exactly being an entailed place the death, the cemetary for Mabel now represents a safe place, where nobody can bother it, as well as a uterus. It has a species of return, in which Mabel, with its animalesco instinct, goes to the meeting of the uterus of its mother, to live in a place that it in such a way yearned for (interior world). The cemetary means security, but on the other hand it represents the death. We understand here that Mabel to enter in this interior world is necessary to die. With this intention it directs itself to a lake, of dirty waters and dark, its animalesco instinct now is conducted by the will to die, and the only way to obtain this is to try to finish with its proper life in that dark water it lake and consequentemente to obtain to enter in the interior world, therefore the lake symbolizes the vestibule for such world. A to be observed thing is I medicate that it does not enter in cemetary, but in the lake yes. With this the doctor is adentrando in the feminine world, a world that does not know and that it does not know what to make. Also that the dark waters of this lake symbolize ' ' placenta' ' that at the moment that Fergusson enters in this lake it is making a childbirth and bringing Mabel for the life. Finally, Mabel if finds in the house of the doctor, receiving the necessary cares. When waking up it perceives that she is without clothes, only wrapped up to a blanket. Undressed it renasce and taking off of the clothes symbolizes understands it as person.

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