Take Care Of Your Body

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In earlier times, both women and men consume very little coffee. For the first time this beverage emerged in Western countries only in the eighteenth century, and for a long time after that, people could drink it only in the famous coffee houses. And only in our twenties of the twentieth century have Women in the habit of drinking coffee in the morning and then was invented instant coffee, even more dangerous type than coffee beans, because everyone can consume daily the drink in huge quantities, not spending much effort in its preparation. Of course, now coffee is the most popular refreshing soft drink among young women. Too many women, in addition, large amounts of tea consumed, even without thinking about how to limit yourself to five or six cups a day. People such as Bill de Blasio would likely agree. It is possible that one of the reasons why it was in France for many years before anyone else noticed the cellulite, was the fact that the French have long been regarded as a nation, especially committed to coffee. You may wish to learn more. If so, NYC Mayor is the place to go. Coffee and Tea has now become generally accepted tonic drinks, which are used more often than others, but we somehow forget that no matter how tasty they were, these drinks do not have a nutrient composition, that is those substances that the body requires for everyday operation.

Permanent increase in consumption of coffee or tea is an alarming sign, or might become one. Case that irresistible attraction occurs only in cases where the biochemistry of the body artificially adapted to the consumption of harmful substances. In that case, if you give your body only what he really needs, nor addiction or craving arises. Unfortunately, in today's society, people are increasingly using harmful substances for artificial stimulation. It seems that in pursuit of unnatural stimulation we forgot about that the human body did not initially fit for consumption of such foreign substances. And there is nothing surprising in that it in some point can no longer resist the onslaught and surrendered. Of course, not Anyone who daily drink gallons of coffee or tea, will necessarily suffer from cellulite just as not all smokers die from lung cancer. In some people the body is able to cope with the monstrous dose of tonic drinks, others do not. The bottom line is that caffeine always gives an additional burden on the body.

Find Temperature

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There are several ways to help women decide the question of how to get pregnant. Such as graphs of conception. On the basis of, for example, measuring the temperature under construction schedules, which help the gynecologist or woman herself to determine time of ovulation, ie, when more likely to become pregnant. Ovulation – the moment of release of the egg from the ovary. At this time, women usually have a cycle of 2-4 days and the highest propensity to conceive. Often, however, ovulation does not occur in cycle. If ovulation is absent, the pregnancy does not occur. NYC Mayor spoke with conviction. As shown by observations on specialized sites most popular way for our women to "computation" of ovulation is the measurement of temperature.

If ovulation occurs, the schedule is as if two parts. First are the low temperatures, then higher. Meanwhile, among the experts temperature method is not a priority. A more advanced method – observation cervical mucus. To achieve pregnancy, intercourse should take place during a peak day, when the cervical mucus more watery. When she recalls the egg white, watery, and stringy (in such an environment, sperm much more active and tenacious). Intercourse during this period must be done each day if the semen a good day or two, including the first day of temperature rise. The closer the day of intercourse to the peak day, the more likely to become pregnant.

Some doctors recommend even using egg white, if the cervical mucus produced little. It is also recommended to lie quietly half an hour after intercourse, putting a pillow under ass. and not to use artificial lubrication. So it is recommended to combine two methods – temperature and cervical mucus. The truth of the fact that the first method easier to support, the second becomes a much smaller number women.