April Freedom

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A. Eighty years he walked still suing over some land. Esteban Manuel de Villegas Najera died 3 September 1669. The poems of Villegas, who preludiaban the spirit of the 18th century, were very admired and imitated in this century. Villegas, who had the gift of delicate and graceful poetry, is above all a lucky translator and adapter; the lyrical bucolic and loving of Tibullus, Propertius, Ausonius and Catulo, and Theocritus and Anacreonte among Greeks, it avenia perfectly with their tastes and qualities and knew how to interpret them with Fortune; the latter, especially, followed him skillfully in themes and rhythms, to sing in delicious compositions of short subway naughty lovers, the pleasures of the countryside and wine or the delights of the table.

In this genre, refined and cute, delicate and subtle, Villegas not known rival in our lyric. Well-known is his delicate cantilena of the pajarillo or dedicated to a source or Lydia, begging a kiss. Divides these carnations / sweeter than honey / and more than the diapers / divides these corals in love with classical forms, tried Villegas adapt their metres into Castilian, conversion of great difficulty, since Greek and Latin meter not having a number of syllables or fixed accents, they could not have perfect transposition in our language. Was it right, however, fully with the stanza safico-adonica by its exact adaptation to our eleven-syllable and alteratively. His most famous composition to the Cefiro is example of this: sweet neighbor of green jungle, / eternal flowery April, / vital breath of the mother Venus, / soft Cefiro. Francisco Arias Solis without freedom life is worth little.

Dental Center Madrid Ferrus

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Ferrus & Bratos is a dental Centre in Madrid that offers its clients a new concept of dental clinic, with personalised treatments in the hands of trained specialists in different areas of dentistry. This clinic offers its patients comprehensive treatments, performed with the latest innovations in the sector, adapting them to the needs of each patient, allowing them to treat every case as a unique case. Services and treatments that this clinic offers among its procedures on: treatments of implants dental, cosmetic dentistry, gums, dental hygiene, orthodontic treatments. Restaurateur contains valuable tech resources. In this sense, it stands out as a clinic of invisible orthodontics or invisaling. ago-55320637.html’>William Lyons Blackstone Medical. This treatment allows the victim put his teeth in the correct position for a comfortable and simple way, without having this susfrir the consistent aesthetic drawbacks which, on occasion, presented the orthodontics, since it consists of a series of totally transparent and removable plates. But, without doubt, the differential value of this clinic is the Special attention that shows in his service to the customer. Sometimes, the visit to the dentist something unpleasant was that we attempted to delay who not is has felt overwhelmed sometime in the dentist Chair? Ferrus & Bratos is aware of this fact, and this not only boasts the most modern progress in dentistry, more effective and less incisive, but it offers a new dental experience taking care to detail the sensations and feelings of their patients.

Therefore it has in its rooms with plasma TV’s on the roof, so that the patient can be treated while you relax watching your favorite program. In this way, patients can occupy your mind and relax knowing that they are in the hands of highly qualified specialists. The clinic is fully adapted to accommodate disabled people, since it has no architectural barriers and also has a spacious reception and two comfortable rooms waiting where both patients, as companions, can relax before and after receiving your treatment.