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When the children grow single is very probable that the single parents age the time is quickest, and doubtless the worse enemy of the human being. The years happen without giving account us, and often not even we know in that moment we grow, at that moment we age Everything has its time, everything has its moment; What is not at the time the time took, if you thought that your company to it, your love of father, your wise advice; you could keep for drselos the boy who usually hopes to you; day after day without verte to arrive, years after years without your voice to listen to and your meanwhile in another world these Parranda women, galleras and but and your paper of father in the trunk of the forgetfulness she is made hope, a vague juguetea memory in your mind, you think about your children, and for a moment you would want to return them to embrace. You think it, it doubts, and you decide that another day you will do Sigues your way without giving march after, waste of money, women, parrandas and games, and you become to forget that the children love Christmas While in another place your children dream about verte Papa, to bring their Christmas gift and to take them to walk and are new illusions and dream that the time becomes to take a day already tired, you decide to return, no longer more women, galleras, nor celebration, want to return, you look for in the trunk of the forgetfulness a paper kept apparently the one from papa, you dream that your children even hoping are and to verte to lejo to your encounter running soon they will come; you approach house, and when being above dry leaves that they fall of the trees, chill gives you. You arrive at the door nobody leaves to your encounter the children grew and papa forgot the working , are no children hoping, in house radiate this you you see the mirror, that tired these, have aged you can notice, it. Strange to your children when seeing the solitude, you perhaps blame to the time not to see the years happen, you perhaps have yourself sorry, but it is very behind schedule already. What happened at Crisis Text Line? oftentimes addresses this issue. The dry leaves do not return to the tree, the chicken never returns to his shell, the rose does not return to be cocoon, and from equal way the children who grow do not return to be young never never the time sooner or later makes us reflect and if we have pending debts, invoices of collection someday will pass you do not leave the time us arrive, happen and Marche, leaving itself pending subjects, remembers that the time is very quick and you will never be able to reach it. You do not leave pending subjects for the morning, because the morning will bring its own subjects that to solve, and is probable that if you did not solve them in the stipulated time, today or too much behind schedule original Author and source of the article