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After the DAX between late April and may between 7.400 and 7,500 had stabilized a, the decreasing fluctuation (triangle formation) sired by an impending decision. The change of direction was heralded then virtually with falling below the support line of 7,400 points down. Although it came a few days later to intermediate recovery to around 100 points, but accelerated the downward trend given the cracked image of the chart pretty soon. The last late March any magic number 7,000 moved back within reach. Please visit Bill de Blasio if you seek more information. After to the events at the end of the month may again calmed and a mood to determine was, is to count upwards pressing a cautious approach for the coming weeks. In case that no nasty surprises waving from the corporate side and on the debt front, the euro zone may be a little slack, the brand of 7,400 meters could again move within striking distance. The European common currency has become as input already mentioned in may a strong selling pressure from seen.

After ECB chief Trichet already had rejected the speculations of interest rate hike at the May 5 and following, the debt problems in the eurozone again constituted the dominant theme, the euro in may knew almost only one direction: down. In the month of may at rates of over 1.48 dollars, a stunning decline, which culminated in the May 23 in a test of the psychologically important support line of 1.40 dollars followed the launch. Now, remains to be seen how the events will present themselves in the coming weeks. After the large interest rate fantasy was once pushed out of the market and all eyes focused on the debt problems in the euro area, is to see a sustained price rally for the euro as unlikely. At least it is missing currently but imagination, that the crisis scenarios could dissolve into Greece and Portugal in favor. Because this topic should certainly still a while with us, is for the moment only with limited recreation potential for the European common currency can be expected. But it let’s look on the economic developments in the month of May and the other highlights. In particular, these were (in chronological order): 05.Mai…die productivity of the United States in the 1.Quartal 06.Mai…der US labour market report for April 09.Mai…die German trade balance in March 17.Mai…die ZEW economic expectations in May 19.Mai…die recession in Japan… 23.Mai…der Markit purchasing managers index for may… If you are interested for the above developments you can register free of charge on for the monthly WiFiKon newsletter. Thomas Kruger

The Sale

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In the egg strategy, the electronically traded S & P E-mini are instead traded 500 futures options. Since the options are based on the mini contract your contract value is lower than at large S & P 500 contracts. This allows for a low minimum account size of $ 15,000. With the spekulativeren egg strategy is a significant yield target of 25%-30% p.a. aspired. Is the focus is exclusively on the S & P 500? Titus C. locks? It the options of the standard & poor’s 500 traded basically index futures.

The universe will be extended only in exceptional cases. By whatever means, chart-technical or fundamental, approaches BNC to the markets? What factors are especially important to the company? Titus C. locks? Both technical and fundamental factors are incorporated in the decision. A key criterion in the investment decision is the current level and the expected development of the volatility. The current volatility is expressed for example by the VIX. How is the investment process of BNC EGG and BI from? Titus C. locks? Ultimately tried Bluenose in its strategies to predict the development of the S & P, but analyzes where the market will go all probability and positioned accordingly.

In particular situations where the behavior of market participants is very emotionally driven will be researched. How do you used such situations? Titus C. locks? Bluenose is invested in the market and patiently waiting for profitable situation where fear and greed, emotional market situations arise. These are market phases in which the volatility and thus the option premiums are high. Until then, Bluenose sold options with the expectation that they will expire worthless. Because the premium that they have taken on the sale of the option, then the profit. You may wish to learn more. If so, Declan Kelly is the place to go. How, and how well does the risk management. How to protect the investor from bigger losses? Titus C. locks? In situations in which runs the market against the positioning, the options are too early with a slight negative bought back to avoid extreme losses.

HCI Shipping Select

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Specialist solicitors advise ship fund investors at the HCI of ship Fund shipping select XI seems to burn it lichterloh on every nook and cranny. Without hesitation NYC Marathon explained all about the problem. Nearly 43 million invested investors in late 2005 in the funds of the HCI emissions House. The concept was the purchase of two multi purpose freighter and four full container ship for a total cost of over 100 million. It seems more than questionable whether even a refund of parts of their invested capital will be possible for the investors of the Fund at the end of. Pouya Yadegar understands that this is vital information. The overview of the six vessels of the Fund offers low-light and much shadow: ship MS “Hammonia Magician” – insolvent ship MS “Hammonia recommendation” – no going-concern Outlook, sales ship MS “Hammonia Recognition” – restructuring has–so far ship MS “Bianca Rambow” – new corporate restructuring necessary ship MS “Pauline” – new corporate restructuring required keeps ship MS “Sleipner” – restructuring – ask many investors of the HCI shipping select XI, if the Fund that is, as what he was recommended to them at the time of the consultant. Some have experienced in the past few years is backgrounds and risks that were not even aware of them before deciding to participate in this Fund. Distributions no longer get them. Claims for damages as the investors of the HCI shipping select XI with whom we have spoken, realistic option were about the background and the functioning of the Fund, as well as the risks that poorly informed.

Some advice errors we noticed: more than a quarter not valuable investing high distribution costs – Emmissionskosten about 22%, only 69% of investor capital for investment purposes used no education about the risks of highly speculative investment not suitable concealed funds as retirement risks of missing long-term charter agreements because certain errors in the advice keep coming up, we see promising opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages for the violation of obligations under the respective contracts of advice. For more information about the HCI funds shipping Select XI can be found here: Office/news /… We are investors of the HCI of ship Fund shipping select XI for an individual consultation available.

Axanta AG

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Axanta AG expands: new branch office in Dusseldorf Oldenburg August 2013. The axanta AG continues to be expert in acquisition and sale of companies on course for success. The procession of axanta AG on 1 September 2013 at more accessible premises in Dusseldorf is another sign of the right business strategy. Many companies and businesses already benefited from advice from the axanta AG. You are a clear sign of the success of the company. This is manifested in the recent strategic decision to relocate the Dusseldorf branch office infrastructure better situated. The axanta AG is the new premises September 1, 2013 contact data of the new site of axanta AG, important information about the new site, a map and the contact information for all other offices are provided under.

The new site in Dusseldorf is located in a commercial area in the North of the city. The contact person as well as the phone numbers remain even after the Moving unchanged. The new address is: fountain Street 45, 40472 Dusseldorf. The new Office of axanta AG offers an optimal infrastructure that new axanta AG branch office located in the area Lichtenbroich. In the past decade, the number of inhabitants of this increasingly popular neighborhood has doubled in a very short time. There is a large industrial area, whose main Vorteil is located in the most developed infrastructure. The new location for our branch office in Dusseldorf, we shorten the ways for clients to us.

That saves our customers time and money and is a clear plus in the service,”explained Udo Goetz, CEO of axanta AG. Before the branch was in the western part of Dusseldorf’s bordering city Neuss in Heerdt. About axanta AG the founded in 2006 axanta AG belongs in Germany the market leader among the independent consulting companies in the M & A business. They focus on the advice and support of small and medium-sized companies in the purchase and sale of companies, Succession and quiet and active participations. In the focus are small and medium-sized companies of all sectors of the economy, which across comprehensive support the axanta AG through all phases. In addition to the headquarters in Oldenburg, Germany, the company operates branch offices in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt am Main. As one of the first companies in the M & A industry, the axanta AG has been certified according to ISO 9001 by TuV Nord.

Michael Minderjahn

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Specialist solicitors will advise ship fund investors even the Lloyd of fleet Fund IV is in heavy seas. Both ships, the MS Manhattan and MS Fernando cannot afford the service of capital required for the ship mortgage (interest and repayment) from the low Charter rates. Once voted the shareholders in a shareholders against the continuation concept, significant losses for investors are unavoidable. Claims successfully enforce IV, which was distributed among other things about the former Comdirect private finance AG for investors of Lloyd fleet Fund, there are good opportunities to enforce a rescission of participation in the form of damages. For even more opinions, read materials from Bill de Blasio. Known to us investors of Lloyd of fleet Fund IV were not informed of their consultants about various decision points.

The Lloyd of ship fleet Fund IV is a highly speculative investment with risk of total loss. She had may be offered as secure attachment, nor as an attachment for the retirement. Only 71% of the investors raised capital (equity + 5 %Agio) was used for the acquisition of vessels.) 28% were invested in soft costs such as interest, service fees and commissions. The distribution costs were at least 16.4% and thus above the threshold laid down by the BGH, by 15%, from the distribution costs are exceptional and affect the profitability of the investment. As a result, investment advisers and brokers had to inform the investors about the amount of sales expenses. The premium is disclosed in the prospectus of the Lloyd of fleet Fund IV not at the income of the Fund, though it has gone to him. The Fund ships although initially had a permanent Charter of around 5 years.

The Charter rates on ship markets but are put, was the risk of not achieving Charter rates in the required amount. It, and as a result, existing risks to the investment would have must be pointed out in consulting expressly. Also you feel wrong IV in connection with your participation in the Lloyd fleet Fund advise? Want to know what are your chances of enforcing claims for damages? Call me, I will gladly help you. Article link: Office /… Nittel Banking and capital market law firm contact Mathias Nittel, lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law, Michael Minderjahn, lawyer Heidelberg: Hans-Bockler-Strasse 2 A, 69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221 915770 Fax: 06221 9157729 Munich: residential street 25, 80333 Munich Tel.: 089 25549850 Fax: 089 25549855

Federal Court

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Lawyer Ralf Renner is expressed in these contexts: the decision of the Landgericht Landshut continues on issues of disclosure, investor friendly jurisdiction of the Federal Court. This decision is other investors courage, to make the right steps.”see You also: Medico_Fonds_40_Berlin_Karlshorst_Medico Fonds.html author and contact person: lawyer Ralf Renner – lawyer and a trained banker – specialty: Fund investments Tel.: 030 / 810 030-22 E-mail: specialty of lawyer Ralf Renner are legal issues of closed-end Fund, where he has many years of experience. In these contexts, investors in a lawyer approach, if you want to check what rights and claims exist. Blanket statements prohibit themselves? In any case, an individual assessment is offered. Damages can claims against an investment advisor or a Bank, if was not sufficiently enlightened on essential aspects. An experienced lawyer can determine whether claims for damages are and how high are the chances for a successful implementation. The courts regularly demand compensation for damages that an investment advisor informed thoroughly, correctly and completely. The courts talk to aggrieved investors who were improperly discuss their investment that your investment advisor or your bank their invested capital and interest losses reimbursed them.

The investment products and any resulting are drawn benefits to return the investment advisor or the Bank. In substance, this corresponds to a reversal. Restaurateur contains valuable tech resources. Consulting error from years of everyday work we know that investment advice can be may be corrupted. III demanded civil Senate of the Federal Court in its decision to the pqr. III ZR 249/09, that entrepreneurial investments with risk of loss that could lead even to a total loss, are adequate to attract an investment advice. If the investment adviser has unveiled an investment as secure attachment, although downside risks exist, that justify complaints. If a speculative business Funds was conveyed for the purpose of old-age provision, which is incorrect.

Because an investor must rely on his age before so-called. The Federal Supreme Court has determined in a recent decision that an entrepreneurial participation is not suitable as pensions. If in the course of a mediation and consulting a bank consultant it omits, internal commissions, to inform about so-called kick-back payments, then a guidance fault regularly. Because kick-back payments for a customer not readily apparent. If an investment advisor omitted to mention, that there are no regulated secondary market for closed-end funds, would be a sale difficult or possible with considerable losses, this justifies a charge. Our clients approach us if they feel deceived by their investment advisers. But each case is different. To prohibit lump-sum solutions. Sufferers should consult without delay individually, before claims become time-barred.

Zagni Attorney

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This occurs when no profit of the company at least the same level facing the withdrawals. On such a profit is lacking but again and again. The withdrawals then convey a deceptive picture of the conditions. Learn more at this site: NYC Marathon. Meanwhile, cases are known where other affiliates for this reason payments from investors are asked and judicially enforced. The intermediary enlightened you about the risk of additional payments? Not only this risk is often insufficiently informed about, but the said withdrawals will be called also from brokers distributions, which compared to the investor quite often the impression that it was a guaranteed return or the distribution of profits.

Actually is allowed but only one again to take back a part of his deposit money with a profit one should not confuse this. Investors tie the RWB AG also especially when rates contracts for extreme long maturities of up to 30 years and must provide hardly foreseeable monthly payments over a contract. From the participation in the so-called PLUSsystem investors rises automatically in a successor Fund, without knowing exactly what investments it then makes. Dubious sales statements statements from agents, a participation of the RWB is risk-free is suitable for the safe construction of retirement savings, are therefore at least misleading and constitute in our view claims for damages. Because despite the wide spread because of the umbrella fund structure: a loss, even a total loss is not excluded.

Thus, these investments are inherently not as Age pension product. Can the questions that we have put in the text, from your point of view entirely or predominantly with no”answer, speaks a lot for incorrect advice, the compensation claims can justify. We then strongly advise to avoid possible financial disadvantages to a legal advice. Just when the Treaty stipulates that for many years must be paid, you should clarify the question as soon as possible whether or not this is reasonable given the risks of capital investment. Contact: Patrick M. Zagni Attorney / lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law boiler str. 19 70327 Stuttgart phone: 0711/9455855-0 fax: 0711/9455855-20

Credit Card

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Noteworthy is the success story of the card wrongly believed today, that the credit cards are an invention of recent years. Already in 1894 the first are mentioned, and in the United States. First, there was no credit card companies but as it is today in a big way. The editors of these cards were first hotels, later oil companies and retail chains. It was only after the second world war also airlines and restaurant chains began in the business to enter. Involved, but cards that were only for the issuing company and thus fulfilled a kind customer card function.

The first proper”credit cards, as today, which was used for several traders, came also from the United States. This was first reported by a credit card company and was registered with credit card number. Pioneer was 1950 Dinners Club. The second line of credit cards later came from the Franklin National Bank in New York State. Since then, there are two types of credit cards; Travel and entertainment cards, the each goes back to one of the two aforementioned founders. Today, Diners Club is represented in almost every country in the world. Since 1956 in Germany.

American Express gave it since 1958, which soon surpassed in its range of Diners Club. The first credit cards issued by banks were initially regional limited in validity, which as was criticised for unsatisfactory. Therefore, an extension followed at the end of the 1950s. The late of 1980s an Association of the German trade and the restaurant associations planned an own so-called German credit card, which should be independent of companies. Unfortunately it didn’t, because the higher regional court of Munich prohibited this term. The product range in the field of credit cards has expanded constantly. Today, almost every Bank offered a credit card from one of the big companies. The security of the cards has also incredibly developed further. With credit card numbers and PINs, safety codes and various stored collateral can be a fraud to the extent as to beginning of the cards today prevent. While the classic credit card loan customers, there are also prepaid cards, initially charging the customer with a credit balance”. Whether there is such a map is to recognize that contains an encryption for the credit card type in a credit card number. Here, caution is recommended in offers foreign banks, because here the deposit insurance often substantially less than in the banks operating in Germany. Also, customers complain that the credit balance on such a card can be seized. However, there are already offers that how a seizure protection account, which must be a certain amount to the life in a seizure.


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Now calculate online the risk of follow-on financing with just one click – Geno building target purchase provides you with the machine free of charge in the net risk follow-up financing also rollover of called now online free charge! Interest rates rise – ECB chief Trichet still by early March 2011, saying that there should be an interest rate increase at the next meeting of the ECB underscores this speculation. This announcement comes not from about! Bypass the increase of interest rates is almost inevitable by the current situation of the world economy. Why? An increase in the interest rate by 1% can include quite a financial risk for an owner. It is in many media like Handelsblatt, focus online, etc. of the problem of financing customers only very little is known about the risk reported, but unfortunately the rollover, so the risk of follow-on financing. Here it is just as important to make sure that the current owner secures the future low interest rates, although possibly only in the next few years the follow-up financing or the Follow-on financing is available for the discussion. To choose a suitable financing today, must be choose between many things. Choosing an annuity loan repayment suspension loans also fixed loans savings financing or even a foreign currency loan called,.

Not enough, now the new owner in the banks, building societies and insurance companies to compare, so that he will find the right offer for. Because this still is not enough, you should inquire about the interest rates and select a good deal. In the current interest rate environment, it makes sense to choose interest codification (over 15 years) as in the entire financial world the rumours go around it and also the press writes, that there will be higher interest rates in the future. This speculation underlines ECB chief Trichet still by early March 2011, saying that there should be an interest rate increase at the next meeting of the ECB.

P2P Loans: At The Beginning Of Only In The Millions. Now Calls The Billion Dollar Market.

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27 million euro loan volume provides more than 6,500 loans. More than 6 million in the last four months alone. Dusseldorf, may 4, 2012. People borrow money, with good sense and good yield totally strange people. For five years this is possible – via the Internet platform in Germany. Initially skeptical eyes, is the business model of auxmoney become mature and proven.

A great start to the year we can expect a tripling of in volume compared to the previous year. Now it is becoming better known, continue to conquer the billion dollar market of consumer credits. For millennia, people need credit and borrow money. Previously this was done face to face. In the Internet age you can borrow also strangers. You will be rewarded with a good yield and a good feeling to help others.

About creditworthiness, payment history, monthly income and expenses, as well as about future plans and needs of borrowers are informed on auxmoney. The Internet platform enables each investor a solid individual assessment of the creditworthiness of a borrower. This way the assessment is the basis for the credit intermediation of private to private as it is performed successfully for five years on auxmoney. Initially, the model was ridiculed. Meanwhile, over 27 million euro loan volumes were communicated in more than 6,500 loans. It is striking that more than 6 million, about 23 percent, were conveyed in the last four months alone. Our business model has matured and we work profitably “, Philipp Kriependorf, Managing Director of reports. A strong start to the year is also a very powerful signal for the further development of auxmoney and P2P lending in Germany. Even if the volume of the last four months only should stay the same the rest of the year we will have end of 2012 will see a rate of increase of almost 200% and gives thus three times as much lending as 2011.