Environment Education

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In the past, the animals, the plants and the land were seen as sacred beings. NY Museums understood the implications. The people if saw pertaining to an only world, a group of singular beings that if they completed. She would not have as somebody to lose itself in the forest, after all, the citizens were part of it. The proper word nature did not exist since the human beings and the environment formed one all integrated. With passing of the years the conception of nature was being modified. An idea of it as plus a place of wealth was only created, with diverse substances cousins in abundance who could in accordance with be extracted the necessity of the people. Currently, the environment is a subject that attracts attention of an ample parcel of the population. The society is suffering a process from ' ' sensitization ecolgica' ' , therefore each time we are clienter and are more visible the damages that are occurring due to destruction and partner-ambient disintegration.

Thus, the countries, mainly of the third world, participate of this world-wide devastao that not it excludes rich and poor etnias, ideologies, religions or differences between (although the first ones to have ' ' poder' ' as one it forms to brighten up some of these concerns) (GRN, 2005). To each day that passes it is more visible the estragos that had been caused to the three natural elements of the planet: the water, air and the land. It was perceived, from these urgencies, the necessity of that let us make something to change this situation which we are responsible. We will not be able to revert to the depredations that already had been executed, but can diminish the impact and the speed with that they happen. Although to frequently see a great race in brainstorming for the ambient question, the education of the schools runs away from this subject and many times do not stimulate the awareness.

Restoratives Castle

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Typical route of the tourist who starts to move itself for Lisbon. Its beginning is in the Square of the Restoratives, walking for the South. Of the right side of the street the modernista faade of the railroad station of the Rossio can be seen, where it leaves some trains until Sintra. Next to the station est the Square of the Rossio, where the zone of the Decrease starts. From then on, the recommendation is to take a walk for the August Street until the Square of the Commerce and to observe the Elevator of Justa Saint (if somebody to want to go up, inside does not buy the ticket of the elevator, buys calls BUC of two trips in guiches that they are in the behind part. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as NY Museums by clicking through. The same advice valley for the electric one).

After arriving until the Square of the Commerce, to see the sight of the river and the square, he can yourself be come back for the covered way already until arriving in the street where he passes electric the 28 and that he cuts the August Street perpendicularly. Two options exist: or to go up of electric until the Castle of They are Jorge does not arrive until the door of the Castle, will be necessary to go up 100 meters more and later going down walking to see the Cathedral. Or to go up walking, to stop in the Cathedral and to follow later for the Castle. In the reality, the way is not long and she is not necessary to go of electric, but he is so typical of the zone that always sends regards a stroll. The Castle of Is Jorge has some of the best ones seen of Lisbon and is in an environment very tranquilo. Therefore, the ideal is to pass a time in the city. The route is not long and sends regards to combine it with a stroll for Alfama, a beer in the terrace of the bar Chapit or, more good still, remaking all the way (or passing for the Decrease in the elctrico 28 and giving a stroll for the Chiado) the main hotels in Lisbon offer to special information and tour for tourist. Web of the main chains consults the pages hoteleras to live a inesquecvel experience in the Portuguese capital.

Communitarian Center

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The Legion of the Good will promotes in this September month its 4 Folclrico Festival, this year the subject that comes being worked since the beginning of August is ‘ ‘ Good will in Verses of Cordel’ ‘ it all was pautado in the northeast culture and approaches subjects as: twine literature, xilogravuras, its beliefs, its customs between many other typical curiosidades of the people northeastern. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Bill de Blasio has to say. To crown the project the Legion of the Good will if prepares for the opening of the great Festival that will be in the Theater of College UNIP of Araatuba, will be three days of activities being one of the opening and the others two days of open visitation to the public to the Communitarian Center of Social Assistance of the LBV, in the occasion the institution will be all decorated with the thematic northeastern, in each environment will have a child that she will be the instructor of ours visitors (a species of tourist guide), will go to also offer degustations of the culinria proceeding from the region. Opening day 27 of September in the Theater of College UNIP of Araatuba Visitation in the 08 LBV 28 and 29 of 16 ace hs.

Moral Champion

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Edson Silva For the chronicle of today, we choose a game of 11 of June of 1978 where Brazil made lean 1×0 in Austria. Game of Brazil in Pantries was 48 and pra to say the truth, the departure nothing would have of special, was not the fact of being the third game of our Election in that world-wide one and the others two had been tie up to, 1×1 with Sweden and 0x0 with Spain. The dispute was in Argentina, under intense cold, the Brazilian technician was deceased captain Claude Coutinho, full of theories and inventions and that it would finish that world-wide one in third place, without losing a game at least, but tying up to as much and making few gols. Brazil would be with the unusual and not official heading of ‘ ‘ Moral’ champion; ‘ , still more after not having IDO for the final game, therefore he had arrumao so that our Election played before Argentina, that made its departure knowing how many gols would need to make to have balance necessary and to play the decision. From then on all know history, the adversary of ‘ ‘ hermanos’ ‘ it was the Peru, that had the goleiro Quiroga (Argentine naturalized), that gols of Argentina took 6 and made its part for the native land, that was given credit, renegada.

But coming back to the game subject of the chronicle, even so 1×0, victory are victory, still more being the first one in plus an edition of Pantries. The goal was marked by the artilleryman Robert Dynamite, to the 40 minutes, player who made success in the Vasco of Gamma (RIO DE JANEIRO). The departure against Austria was in Mar del Plata, with 35.211 expectadores and the judge was the Frenchman Robert Wurtz. Brazil played with Lion, Toninho, Oscar, Amaral, Rodrigues Grandson, Baptist, Cerezo (Chico 71), Jorge Mendona (Zico 84), Gil, Robert Dinamite and Dirceu. Austria had Koncilla, Obermayer, Sara, Pezzey, Breitenberger, Hickersberger (Weber 61), Prohaska, Jara, Krieger (Happich 84), Kreuz and Kranki, the technician was Senekowitsch. The year was 1978 and our Brazilian Election tricampe of the world of 70 searched tetra, but it would only come exactly much later, in 1994, in the United States, the history made for the category of baixinho Romrio, talent of the Bebeto and the race of then the projecting Dunga. has history of Pantries there? People count pr who people divide with all gotten passionate twisted Brazilian.