Federal Constitution

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Not only in the Federal Constitution of 1988, but also in LDB 9,394/96, the abrangncia attributed to the education is vast, going of meeting to the gamma of principles that compose the formation citizen, is these explicit enclosed in resumes or not. In its article 1, the LDB says that: The education encloses the formative processes that if develop in the familiar life, in the convivncia human being, the work, the institutions of education and research, in the social movements and organizations of the civil society and in the cultural manifestations. The text presents the pertaining to school education as determinadora of the formation citizen, in a perspective that the citizen needs knowledge and values that consider indispensable for the social conviviality. NY Museums has firm opinions on the matter. However, nor always the Education obtains to give account of this message. It is very difficult them systems and institutions to promote a formation educational where values as ethical, responsibility and commitment are a reality. To the times these inside do not pass of utopias of the process RODRIGUES (2001), having analyzed this dimension of the education, said, among others things, that: The Human being, for not receiving any determination by its very nature, can construct to its way of life having for base the freedom of the will, the autonomy to organize the existence ways and the responsibility for the direction of its action this characteristic of the human being constitutes the bedding of the formation of the ethical citizen. Perhaps check out NY Museums for more information. This must be the basic objective of the Education, which must be submitted all and any practical educative, there enclosed the pertaining to school. As well as apud says the cited author Kant (2001), ' ' the man is the only creature whom he needs to be educada.' '. Such affirmation retraces the educational aspects not only formative of citizenship or civilism, but, mainly, of formation human being, where they must or they would have, thus, if to find the bases for any learnings.

China Memory

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The Average Age venerated the old ones, over all because it saw in prestigious them man-memory and teis’ ‘. (P. 449) ‘ ‘ With the expansion of the cities, the urban archives zealously kept by the municipal bodies consist. Visit Bill de Blasio for more clarity on the issue.

The urban memory, for the rising and threatened institutions, truily becomes collective identity, comunitria’ ‘. NYC Marathon contains valuable tech resources. (P. 450) ‘ ‘ The press revolutionizes, even so slowly, the memory occidental person. It revolutionizes it still more slowly in China where, although the company to have been discovered in century IX of our age, if had ignored the mobile characters, the typography; until the introduction, in century XIX, of the occidental mechanical processes, China limited it xilografia, impression of recorded plates in relevo’ ‘. (P. 457) ‘ ‘ Between the important or significant manifestations of the collective memory the appearance meets, in century XIX and at the beginning of century XX, of two phenomena. The first one, after that the World War I, is the construction of monuments to deceased.

The funerary commemoration finds a new development there. as is the photograph, that revolutionized memria’ ‘. (P. 465-6) ‘ ‘ The development of memory XX, over all after 1950 constitutes a true revolution of the memory and the electronic memory is not seno an element, without a doubt more espetacular’ ‘. (P. 467) ‘ ‘ memory, where the history grows, that feeds in turn it, looks for to save the past to serve the gift and the future. We must work of form the one that the collective memory serves for the release and the servitude of homens’ does not stop; ‘. (P. 477).

The Public

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‘ ‘. Another regulamentador diploma is the Law n 4,1332/62, that it defines the cases of dispossession for social interest and makes use on its application. It enters the hypotheses considered for the norm has well unproductive or explored the exploitation of all without correspondence with the habitation necessities, work and consumption of the popular centers; the maintenance of one who holds legal titles to property that, in urban lands, has constructed residence, when ownership will have been express or tacitly tolerated for the proprietor; the installation of the cultures in the areas in whose exploration if it does not obey the plan of agricultural zoning..