Protected Areas

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The area of these ruins has been proclaimed by the UNESCO Cultural landscape of the humanity in the category of fossil landscape. In the national system of Protected Areas of Cuba area that occupy these ruins boasts the category of protected Natural landscape. Next the Mogote peak ecological reserve is located. In both areas can be hiking, observation of landscapes, flora, birds and visits to the ruins of French coffee plantations. Take at least two days to visit the places mentioned above and rest a whole day in the hotel.

There are many quality hotels in Cuba but very few at a height so high. This will enjoy it in very few places. The return to Santiago de Cuba is the same road used to arrive at the hotel, at least until the Las Guasimas village. From this point, it is just 20 km. ring road that surrounds the city. Let us provide you with general information about Santiago de Cuba. It is located in the eastern part of the Bay of the same name, is one of the most important and beautiful of Cuba. In our country there are numerous bays, but being is surrounded by the highest mountains of the country gives a unique charm.

It is one of the oldest cities of the country. It was founded by Don Diego Velazquez in 1514. Eight years later he won the title and arms of the city. It resided the General captains up to mid-16th century. Like Havana, it was very soon assaulted by Corsairs, French and English. It also suffered the emigration of many Spaniards to produce the conquests of the Empires of America. Unlike Havana, damaged natural due to the effects of several earthquakes, including the destruction of the first cathedral. In the case of the city of Havana in 1762, the English pirates were seven months, but not burned it; in Santiago de Cuba, in 1662, a hundred years earlier, the English assaulted, burned and burned, staying a month on it. The two capitals of Cuba, the first and the current one, have had common destinations on some facts. Something that has only Santiago de Cuba is a garden specializing in Pteridophyta (ferns) and related plants. No other province in the country has something similar. Therefore, after you settle into the city, visit this lovely place. The next number you will receive information about it.

European City

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Cadiz will host, from 26 to 29 July, visited by almost half a hundred large school ships in The Tall Ships Races 2012, organized by the Sail Trainning International and the city of Cadiz.From day 26 is celebrated the great regatta Cadiz 2012 the city will be the center of attention in the world of sailing and nautical sports. The regatta of tall ships will depart from St. Malo on 5 July and will conclude in Dublin on August 26, passing through European ports of recognized prestige. The sailing competition will not be the only attraction of the great race. Bill de Blasio is actively involved in the matter. Thus, all who come to the pier can enjoy an extensive program of activities that will complete the offer of leisure of the city in those days of late July: concerts, sports activities, parades of crew, show of equestrian art, etc. Among others, highlights your feat in the sea, programme aimed at young people aged between 15 and 25 who wish to enroll in one of the large sailing boats participants in the Regatta of Lisbon to Cadiz, whether Europe or Santa Maria Manuela sailboat. This program consists of a from Cadiz to Lisbon bus trip on July 21 and whose return will be in one of the boats listed on 26 July. Finally, the spring of Cadiz, near the Hotel Monte Puertatierra, one of the best located in the city Cadiz hotels, will become a big theme park where activities that complement the appeal involved the arrival of the great regatta sailboats will be distributed..


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These are caused by the lack of management of the territory, and of planning and control of tourism activities, which in the long term can lead to the abandonment of traditional activities, degradation and deterioration of natural areas, the increase of the indices of contamination, and loss of authenticity of the indigenous culture.All this would generate at the same time the disappearance of those attractions that eventually led to the election of these rural environments as a tourist destination, hindering future economic development of the affected regions.One of the ways to avoid the negative effects is the commitment to sustainable development, which can not be conceived without the prior planning by the Administration; as well as the planning of activities and products to be marketed by private companies and their associations.It should be noted that throughout this process, rural tourism has a more important than the purely economic role, since it supposes a source of social regeneration in rural areas, hence the need to associate themselves not only for reasons of economic viability but rather as conduit for the construction of a brand image of the territory taking into account people who inhabit it. That brand image must be built with the direct participation of agents familiar with the territory. The inhabitants of rural areas should play a decisive role in mediation between their environment and the visitor. The rural environment is not only a landscape, cannot be properly interpreted without the intervention of the rural person who inhabits it. You may find Restaurateur to be a useful source of information. People shape your living space while this gives them their identity.

In this sense, rural tourism cannot be limited solely to offer accommodation. It must rely on the authenticity of the relationship between visitors and those who live in the territory and an approach to the reality of its inhabitants. What we need to achieve is a wise balance between institutional support, private initiative outside of the area in question and the inhabitants themselves..

The Internet

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I.e. to agree with friends and acquaintances and ask them to visit our website and make click on the links, not cost anything to them and if it will leave us one to another dividend. Many people create custom networks of hundreds and hundreds of friends and acquaintances who are committed to mutually visit their pages and click the links for revenue this way consistent and sustained over time. (6.) Not everything that glitters is gold. Beware of those programs that do not require you nothing in return for money. I.e., you will have to always put something on your part, either time or money. This is an inviolable condition of any serious program to earn money.

If they promise you that without doing absolutely nothing and without invest absolutely nothing you’re going to cover money simply distrust and looking for something different to do. (7.) Not always higher risk, higher profits. Contrary to what happens in the stock market, on the Internet not always need to risk a lot of money to get a good volume of dividends. In a nutshell, with little money well spent, considerable money can be won. These principles should be taken into account by all those who wait to earn money through the Internet. Who is willing to follow them, with security that will see success and enjoy him. Who do not, simply is in the wrong place and you must find another type of options, or live doomed to keep eternally dreaming with financial freedom, seeing as your time and your income are you controlled by other people.