ERP Solution Mail-order IT With Flexible Order Cockpit For Mail-order

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Prism Informatics enables an automated processing of online shop orders in a Dynamics NAV based business solution in Nuremberg, 01.03.2011. With the latest version of the shipping trade solution, mail-order IT the Prism facilitates informatik GmbH, Nuremberg, their users the organizational processes of the order in the online shop up to the logistical handling of the order. Based on the role tailored technology (RTC) Microsoft has designed Prism Informatics here specific cockpit for the different groups of people, that each edit snippets of the process chain and control. In addition, a master roll Centre was defined for the entire control of the flow, where all orders can be tracked with their respective status and their current location in the process chain. The master cockpit aims to detect errors and exception conditions defined in the order flow and to fix. Order process manager have so as to release orders, previously released orders, or orders, already the the shipment passed were currently at a glance. Traffic light function, it will be shown whether a manual processing of an order is necessary, a payment is pending or whether jobs are ready for further processing. A wide range of criteria can deposit itself, after which the order processing in the ERP system should be.

For example, it is possible to make the shipping time by automatic release of the arrival of the payment or amount limits for certain forms of payment. Many automated tests to ensure that individual treatments then be triggered (for example, Doublets, amount is exceeded, comments, stock alerts, series orders), if they are really necessary, and a majority of orders without additional testing costs are controlled by the system. No online business is like the other. Therefore, the degree of automation of mail-order-IT is individually adjustable for every need. The level criteria online shop operator can their flexibility and Optimize delivery and protect themselves, including from possible abuse by scammers”, says Claudius Malue Managing Director of prisma informatik GmbH.

Eight Ways To Use An IT Project

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Oliver Buhr, Managing Director of COPARGO GmbH explains why most projects fail Dreieich, 04.08.2010. IT projects often fail on similar factors. Often, these could be avoided if the maintainers of potential stumbling blocks would be informed. Oliver Buhr, Managing Director of project management consulting COPARGO GmbH, shows companies what eight ways a project definitely fail and are therefore to be avoided. NYC Mayor helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. 1 Business case is classified an error of the company repeatedly commit in project management, is not clear to the project stakeholders to communicate the business case. If the details of the expected benefit is not passed to the project teams, they can develop also no results that best support the business. “2. no time for thoughtful planning company acting in the project management too often the motto time is money” and projects to achieve results as soon as possible.

It sets out with a plan to start a project, that the Project goals are achievable. For this, often too little time is provided. Companies are too impatient and want to quickly too. Many uncertainties and dependencies in the course of the project are not recognized and jeopardize the project. 3. unconditional orientation towards customer requests of the customer is King. However not everything what he calls on improvements and wishes, has a positive effect on the project objectives often actually. Instead, the consequences of changes in time – and cost must be carefully considered and reconciled with the business case and the scope of the project.

4. risk management is a matter of feeling any project risks. To neglect this is grossly negligent. However, conducting business risk management rather unjustly and from the gut. Try ad-hoc to address challenges each new project day. Such an approach to failure is doomed in the long run. 5. project management method is taken too literally project manager should not too closely on every detail of the brackets used project management method.

Campana & SCHOTT Is Gold Worth

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First Microsoft partner with new gold status in “project and portfolio management” and “portal and collaboration” in D, A, CH & F Frankfurt/Main 15.02.2011. Campana & SCHOTT is the first company in the German and French-speaking countries, which recognized Kompetenzen to Microsoft Project and Microsoft SharePoint has been certified according to the new criteria in two categories at the highest level. With the competences “project and portfolio management of gold” and “portal and collaboration gold” Microsoft certifies his longtime partner Campana & SCHOTT outstanding expertise in these areas. For the client company by Campana & SCHOTT is also documented by the new Gold certification that your individual requirements with the highest competence on the basis of Microsoft technology will be implemented. Developed on the basis of Microsoft Project Server and implements Campana & SCHOTT powerful project management solutions. As a specialist for SharePoint, Campana & SCHOTT knows a well with collaboration and applications. In addition has been certified with the silver competency as independent software vendor (ISV) Campana & SCHOTT. Further details can be found at Bill de Blasio, an internet resource. Among other things, it is in order to ensure that software products such as the Schnittstellenapplikation connect CS or CS SharePoint extensions correspond to the current Microsoft standards.

Earlier this year, Microsoft has reorganized its official partner program. In the framework of the so-called Microsoft partner network (MPN) partner can have now each certified according to new guidelines in up to 30 specific skills in the skill levels of silver and gold. Here you will find an overview of our partnerships: de/unternehmen/partner/index.html Campana & SCHOTT is an international consulting company for project management and process optimization. Streamlines and automates the company business processes using innovative information technology with a successful combination of management and technology consulting. Experienced project management professionals implement the customer desired IT -, product – or corporate strategy. With currently 170 At nine locations, Campana & SCHOTT works employees primarily for multinational companies in all industries. your press contact Esther Blaurock. Public Relations Campana & SCHOTT + 49 69 97 78 83-0. Presse(at)

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\”\” Briefing and exchange of knowledge on the subject of electronic performance support systems and E-learning Berlin, June 25, 2008 under the motto time to collaborate! \”held the datango AG, manufacturer of E-learning and electronic performance support systems (EPSS), their year’s news days\”. Early September meet here German users, as well as international customers for the exchange of experience and knowledge. Interested can consult in the frame of lectures, workshops and one to one talks exclusively. The event offers also comprehensive training around the efficient use and the benefits of the datango knowledge suite\”(dks). The news days\”are held for German users of the 9 to 11 and for international customers from 10 to 12 September in the rooms of the investor Hasso Plattner ventures in Potsdam.

The information days provide news and expert knowledge in datango and the dks\”participants first-hand. The combination of lectures and training, as well as the possibility for the mutual exchange combines theory and practice. To get users meeting the meeting represents an ideal opportunity for customers, suite to other users, tips for individual use of the datango knowledge\”. Here they can learn for example how the solution can be more effectively. Suggestions from day-to-day business are presented in the context of lectures.

So, DnB NOR and SaintGobain Gyproc speak at the German event including the Bitburger brewing group and Deutsche Messe AG, as well as in the international context about their experiences. The new features bring workshops and live demonstrations. After the participants have the opportunity to benefit from the know-how of the datango experts in a single conversation. Training time to collaborate\”In the wake of news days datango also conveys the necessary understanding of the planning and implementation of user training in national and international companies, as well as for large projects. Because the introduction of new business applications is usually a time and cost-intensive process in which the implementation of an accompanying E-learning project wants to be well thought-out.

IT Department

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According to a survey by ec4u, expert consulting are above all the transparent and clearly predictable operating costs than decision motif in the foreground. Click NY Museums to learn more. The SaS model has arrived in the market and now enjoys a broad consensus”, ec4u CEO David D. Visit Danny Meyer for more clarity on the issue. Laux assesses the results of the survey carried out among nearly 300 medium-sized and large companies. The acceptance has evolved in recent years even considerably above the distribution of rental software for other requirements.” “So, two out of five companies, judge that behind CRM on demand in any case” hides a modern strategy, another 35 percent tend to think in a similar direction.

Only a good quarter can make currently still not thinking friends, that the operation the solution for managing customer not in own custody takes place. Currently however, only 7 percent of those surveyed want completely exclude. Who has issued a positive vote, for available mostly in the foreground, that through the CRM rental model term clearly predictable operating costs. 62 per cent advantage for on demand solutions emphasize this aspect. Similar to many the fast introduction process is an argument for this approach also.

About half of the respondents also stressed the investment cost savings. But also that the use of CRM without the internal IT Department is possible and can be made flexible adjustments to the performance, the audience, speaking for a majority of the respondents for the SaS approach. The lower investment risk and the ability to be able to carry out an on-premise migration, play a special role only for 37 and 33 percent, respectively. The CRM on-demand – concept is the basic idea is quite simple and offers a number of benefits, that is why the the meet today’s needs of companies”, regards the ec4u Board for the further future positive perspectives for the market.

Security Industry Calls For National Security Roadmap

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Clear strategy for IT security and data protection by authorities, businesses, science and citizens is the basis for national sovereignty the German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) urges the future federal Government to include the formulation and implementation of national security roadmap in its work programme. The always obvious growing extent of eavesdropping shows the challenges through cyber spying. Must be taken by appropriate prioritization in the upcoming government program account the. A sustainable IT security strategy, in which the relevant stakeholders from politics, users, science and IT security industry involved, is essential for ensuring the action sovereignty of State and economy. With the in September 2013 furnished “round table to the IT security technology”, the Federal Government has already created an important basis.

Now it is true, this body, in which all representatives at the table sits with the development of a specific national To instruct security roadmap. It aims to concretize the already identified action requirements, to provide the necessary financial resources and to provide a detailed timetable for the implementation. “Secure IT requires the acquisition and the use of high-quality and trustworthy security technology. And there is this not still comes from alone to use free of charge. That showed the bugging of Merkel’s unprotected party phone again”, so TeleTrusT Board and Sirrix-CEO Ammar Alkassar.

“The protection of data and communication is the safety of a digitised society of the 21st century: no one today seriously question the compulsory despite loss of comfort.” IT security we gotta go there.” Germany already has a distinctive and internationally first-class IT security industry and through close cooperation with the Federal Office for security in information technology a demand-oriented solution palette for protection of IT systems. This must be now active in a long term and Integrated tuned IT security strategy and roadmap. “While the goal must be, to promote a paradigm shift in IT security, to protect our information and data effectively and efficiently.

Threats Of IT Successfully Fend Off

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Creation and implementation of IT security policies new applications such as cloud computing and the increasing use of smart phones for business purposes make IT security with new challenges. A set of rules to successfully ward off threats of IT and the introduction of IT security policies play a central role. For the creation and successful implementation of IT security policies, the intensive course “IT security policies” the organiser AG offers a practical guide Under the direction of Dr. Gerhard Klett, the participants will learn how they avert dangers for IT security specifically through staff training and access controls. How important facts, wallpapers and information on topics are discussed: – current threats the security goals – successful defence of attacks against the Security – IT security standards: IT-sec/common criteria, ISO 27001, COBiT, BSI basic protection management of IT security policy after the PDCA (plan-do-check-Act) model – choice of the appropriate structure and building an IT-security policy – latest additions for mobile and cloud computing – key performance indicators to verify the completeness and effectiveness based on a practical checklist, the participants will learn how they create their own comprehensive IT security policy and take into account important aspects of IT security. More information and registration see: its company description the organiser AG based in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland is a Europe-wide Active, independent operator of high quality conferences, symposia and seminars. Experts from research, science, practice and policy present regularly pragmatic approaches and pioneering trends. Company contact: Organiser AG Stephan Mayer Hauptstrasse 54 8280 Kreuzlingen Tel: 0041 71 677 8703 E-Mail: web:.

SoftProject Has The BPM Standard Solution Of The Insurance Industry With X 4

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The Softproject GmbH offers an immediately deployable BPM Suite for the insurance industry for optimum processes and reduced costs. The current topic of the insurance industry is to reduce costs in claims management. The SoftProject GmbH here offers the X 4 BPM Suite is a whole, immediately deployable solution package for insurance companies, with the permanent process costs are minimized: the X 4 BPM insurance Suite gives insurance companies high-tech in combination with insurance-specific process know how. Service providers are appropriately integrated into the processes and reduced manpower-intensive tasks. With X 4 e-paper are paper-based work in the document indexing and automated processing. The combination of an OCR system with the Regelengine allows saving up to 85% of the previous cost. X 4 AutoCheck checks on the basis of specific rules and regulations automatically estimates and invoices in the K, liability and property damage.

Manual testing effort is minimized. Unjustified claims, previously due to high load could not be discovered, are tracked and processed about standardized test reports. Redirect to specialized providers of services, fraud detection, is possible without any problems. X 4 GDV Manager integrates service providers, bringing the greatest benefits. Only the data and process lines passed to the service provider, are required.

The networking of service providers is carried out along the value chain. The X 4 BPM suite covers the entire BPM cycle off. The process model of the implementation to the optimisation of the process. Supports all standards such as BPMN, WebServices & Eclipse. X 4 ensures secure and high-performance processing of mass data. A variety of adapters allows the integration of existing applications. In addition to the solutions for a more efficient claims management, X offers 4 automated sales processes based on the GDV and BiPRO standards. For more information, about SoftProject SoftProject supports companies in the optimization and automation of business processes. In the All services around the BiPro insurance industry and GDV standards support. Applications of X 4 are processes in the distribution (VVR, eVB, VWB, VU/VM, BiPRO, broker Portal), claims management (connection damage nets, automated audit, residual value calculation, partner management including service providers er search etc.) and the risk management. The cross-company data exchange supports a variety of special adapters (GDV BiPRO, ACORD, EEG7, DATANORM, GAEB). X 4 is increasingly becoming the standard for implementing cross-company business processes in the German insurance industry. Well-known companies as E.g. car expert, Condor, DEKRA, EWC, FORMAXX, IGM, Nuremberg, R + V, Signal Iduna, Skandia, TuV, WuBa and many more rely on X 4 and the expertise of SoftProject.

Creative Director Martin Nicholas Kunz

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Specialist Publisher uses multimedia for its pictorials of Stuttgart’s new marketing strategies for illustrated books, March 23, 2012 – teNeues digital media, the Digital Division of teNeues publishing group, has developed a new app concept complementing cool cities’ to his picture book series. For the realization, the Publisher uses the structured data storage in the SixCMS enterprise content management system. Facing the digital challenge and use it as an opportunity for new marketing strategies was the starting point for the new cool cities’-app series. While the existing content from the illustrated book series about some of the most interesting cities of the world serves as the basis for the digital version. “Our magic word for the integration of digital media in the classic concept of illustrated book publisher is cross media’,” explains Elliott digital media Creative Director Martin Nicholas Kunz the strategy. Our target group is more than just a digital edition of the classic picture books. The added value of our apps is expanding on a combination various multimedia components on: we combine challenging photography with very practical information as well as the integration of GPS data. “This concept is ideal to cool cities’-series, as well as our hotel – and restaurant volumes transferred.” In the meantime the Publisher for ten cities offers additionally cool city app for iPad, iPhone and iPod to the classic picture books and pocket guides the appropriate. Designed as a digital version of books with guide character interactive apps with numerous additional functions such as search and geo-referencing, as well as video and audio clips are enriched. In addition to impressive color images of the most beautiful places and sights, guide to the hippest hotels, restaurants, Cafes and shops, users can find up-to-date insider tips. A built-in event calendar provides information on all events and exhibitions during the selected period. The experience gained since the launch of the first cool Berlin’-app are promising: in addition to a good range, also the download numbers evolve very dynamic. A positive trend is also emerging with promotional partners, the new opportunities for mobile advertising’ would recognize and take advantage of.

Many agencies have discovered the apps as attractive form of communication for their premium audiences. SixCMS is a media-neutral data storage as an ideal platform for a lean manufacturing for teNeues digital media of key to the cross-media production. All text-based information will be central in the SixCMS created including references to the associated image files. For a differential output, different templates used XML files for apps and passing on InDesign for the creation of printed products. The content management system of the creation serves the cool cities website. Originally as a teaser for the cool cities-apps set up, the site should evolve gradually to the editorial platform.

Further steps towards the development of the digital offering are planned: the cool cities-and Hotels-apps will be available in the future for mobile devices with the Android operating system. The beginning makes one cool restaurant app for Android, which will be available from the end of March. The offer is supplemented the digital books in HTML or PDF format, enriched with multimedia added value also by enhanced eBooks’. SixCMS with the SixCMS_Shareport approach provides an easy way for the reuse of content for both print and online publications. By different data sources such as ERP and CRM systems, as well as databases for advertising texts, images and videos are linked via the SixCMS, content can be used for online activities as well as print products. The advantage is that all the data in the original system remain. So existing processes can adjusted specifically at individual points, without that this data must be exported and several times. About six six open systems GmbH headquartered in Stuttgart developed software and solutions for Server-based print and online publishing. The media asset management system SixOMC is a professional media and production database for large data sets and complex processes. Extensive features provide valuable support in the entire manufacturing process for order management and Web-based clients for the integration of customers and external service providers. The enterprise content management system SixCMS serves as a central hub for data administration and target group-specific output of digital content for Web portals, mobile apps and Web sites and print publications. Through the combination of the two product lines are both texts and images and videos easy to use for creating professional print and online publications. Over 400 companies of all industries such as HDI-Gerling, EP, Hettich and Limmatdruck and authorities such as the State of Bremen and the State of Brandenburg insert six products. For more information see. Founded In March 2011 in Berlin about teNeues digital media heard teNeues digital media to the Elliott’s publishing group headquartered in Kempen, London, Paris and New York. The family business publishes high-quality books, particularly illustrated books on the subjects of photography, design, travel, living & lifestyle and corporate publishing and picture calendars and stationery products. With a vision to create traditional values with innovative products in the timeless design and added value factor for customers, is devoted to teNeues digital media in addition to the design of print publications of in particular the production of app and online guides.

Security: Prevent Data Theft,

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Live hacking demonstration illustrates backup needs as enterprise data security in the interaction of encryption and secure authentication reach, show the technology provider of apsec, CryptWare and cryptovision at an information event on the 15th of may in the Squaire at Frankfurt airport. IT security specialist Gunnar Porada illustrates the vulnerability of sensitive data with a live hacking demonstration. Stockstadt/Gelsenkirchen/Bad Camberg, May 4th, 2012 – the aim of the event is to raise awareness among companies of the importance of effective IT security measures and to provide practical solutions to them. Is still not known many companies, like unauthorized sensitive corporate data can easily access”, explains Dr. Volker Scheidemann, Marketing Director of apsec.

With the demonstration of Gunnar Porada we want to perform live, how fast can get access hacker”, he stressed. Companies by data theft must fear harm, shows the annual study of the Ponemon Institute. For the year 2020 average costs in the amount of EUR 3,4 million per data theft detected it an increase of over 30 percent over the previous year. As practical protection Dr. Volker Scheidemann recommends in his presentation to the encryption of files and folders. As a so-called hybrid solution, it is possible now for data that are stored in the cloud or in the document Center from Microsoft SharePoint. The files are stored in encrypted form and decrypted only in the user’s computer. How to secure authentication methods can be combined with the hard disk encryption BitLocker by Microsoft, explains Uwe Saame CryptWare proprietor of his presentation.

The use of smart cards as well as a single-sign-on link security with user comfort. Marco Smeja, Vice President of sales and marketing for cryptovison, practical usage scenarios for the smart card authentication for the log-on system or the electronic signature in the digital workflow demonstrates at the end. Practical and user-friendly security can be the best in the Integrating encryption and two-factor authentication reach with smart card and PIN or fingerprint”, summarizes moderator Lutz field Hall of cryptovision. The lectures are reveals why this is so,. ” Login below, more information at,, Gunnar Porada agenda 10:00 11:00: live hacking sensitive data 11:00 12:00 Dr. Volker Scheidemann (apsec): with encryption on course in calm waters 12:00 13:00 lunch 13:00 14:00 Uwe Saame (CryptWare): ADVANCED Microsoft BitLocker 14:00 15:00 Marco Smeja (cryptovision): universal SmartCard middleware press contact: Tobias Low main views Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Kathrin Sajid applied security GmbH Industriestrasse 16 63811 Stockstadt phone: 0 60 27 / 40 67 0 inviting businesses: the successful product suite fideAS file enterprise of apsec creates enterprise-wide protection for confidential documents from the USB-stick to the cloud. The modular solution offers encryption, audit-proof logging, and many other mechanisms to protect against data theft. The latest engine cloud protection protects also documents in Microsoft SharePoint. The smart card Middleware cv act sc/interface of cryptovision smart cards and other cryptographic tokens on IT-binds applications. It supports over 50 types of cards and can be used on all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac). The BitLocker extension CryptoPro secure disk by CryptWare adds all missing features of BitLocker and provides cost reduction and optimized processes in the operational activities. In particular the waiver of the TPM chip ensures economies of scale.