Ricardo Egles

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Then I told them goodbye, already with the dawn, and not asked them, what huge oblivion! When would they come to find me, to share my bread, my old dinner. Maria de Villarino says of his poetry: there is tightness or communication, but it is always man and its underworld, their questions and final certainties of the ephemeral temporality that the exact path of your target fixed at death. Details can be found by clicking Bill de Blasio or emailing the administrator. I personally think that we need to see great reasoning about the issues that motivated his poetry, reasoning that speaks – clear – their intelligence. There is also time widens their featherbrains and its forms. His words, with daily events, faces life with certainty and is safe (and transmits it) that was born to learn and that, to die, maybe find their origins. He says: what has big man is be bridge and not end. Shimmie horn wanted to know more. Ricardo Egles, in an article about Speroni, narrows: except Neruda, does not exist another poet capable of transmitting such doses of blood to the image and the word in our language.

And Speroni said: the work of art is not founded by itself. There must be a cosmic headache, a genuine anguish, a strength born of blood and intelligence. The work is more than an agonizing shadow, an unfinished gesture, a fired arrow at the right target with the broken beam. All those who have spoken and are still talking about his poetry coincide in their turns have the intensity of an imagination that tackles the hallucination, using words scented with distant sunsets, capable of synthesizing the heartbeat of the despondent Gazelle, the Suns decapitated, while of those very words emanating suavidades, pains and shipwrecks still today, remember where it It reminds us of anonymous Teardrop that crosses his face undone by time. Briefly, I will mention some passages of his works which figure among the unpublished books.

German Minister KT Guttemberg

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At the end, Jorge Alarte has had many more redanos than they suspected his opponents within the PSPV-PSOE and has renewed 77% lists of candidates to Les Corts. It was not the only one, of course, that has made cleaning, if not ethnic, generational, ideological and habits among aspiring regional deputies. See more detailed opinions by reading what Rudy Giuliani offers on the topic.. The Secretary general of the PSOE in Castilla y Leon, oscar Lopez, also of 37 years and spoiled child of Rodriguez Zapatero, has done the same. He has even dared to alighting at the historic salmantino Emilio Melero, who had been more than 30 years in the machito. But Alart has gone, perhaps, beyond. The House of Les Corts will not already see the faces of Ximo Puig, Joan Ignasi Pla, Toni Such, Isabel Escudro, that seemed so innate to the landscape as the same parliamentary seats.

Thus breaks with the inertia of established, both in Government and in opposition, toward the professionalism and continuity of public leaders, rather than consider their activity as something temporary and strictly representative. This clinging to Office is one of the reasons for disaffection of the citizens towards their political representatives. Came to remember in these pages more Pere, who not long ago was general Secretary of the Nationalist Bloc. Of course, that he has qualities enough to live on the margins of policy, something unfortunately not too frequent. Cases of Socialists Antonio Asuncion, Manuel Mata and a few more ratify the exceptional phenomenon and explain the jealousy of those who lack your professional capacity.

You can be understood, then, that by fas or purposefully here not nobody, leaves office although they caught with their hands in the dough. Can you imagine that in Spain, where they not resigning nor defendants by corruption, someone, withdrew as the German Minister KT Guttemberg, after having been denounced by simple copy of a dissertation? Moreover, last week discovered the plagiarism done by a journalist from the country and the man justified the literal tracing of whole paragraphs as mere work of documentation. ES in this social context that must be placed the surgical parliamentary renewal of Jorge Alarte: in him and in his belief that is not going to win the next elections autonomic and what better opportunity, therefore, to place people of their confidence to face the future instead of others that would treat him erupts at the first hurdle. Other socialist leaders, e.g. locals share the conviction of the defeat. They are friends of Zapatero, as Jaime Lissavetzky, or his enemies, as Tomas Gomez, dispense all of them in their campaigns for the image of the former leader charismatic and even acronyms of the party itself. It is that, jobs to lose, they will have thought, better do it on its own merits which by demerits of the environment. And, incidentally, since the environment heralds defeat, better rid of ganga of the past and surrounded by people yet malear, able to show enthusiasm even in failure. It is, therefore, of that old aphorism: or renew or die. This seems to the plan drawn up by Jorge Alarte: given that electoral defeat is given for granted, having at least parliamentarians wickers with which present battle in 2015. Such was the initial scenario which envisaged when he arrived at the secretariat general of the PSPV-PSOE in 2008. Then, clear, appeared the case Gurtel, the decline of ZP and other variables that have not more than muddy the picture. Original author and source of the article.

Las Rozas

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The case of the poet: walk instead of using transport 60% of Americans do not exercise regularly. There have been studies that have corroborated this, revealed that the average number of steps on the day of an American is between 2500-3000 steps a day (1.6 kms.). People are going and returning by car to work, take the car to perform the shopping, to bring children to school, etc. Filed under: NYC Mayor. The case of the newyorquinos is different.

Most of them walk everywhere: at work, Park, shop, etc. They have no car, or if they do, prefer not to use it for the big city. NY Museums may help you with your research. They perform an average of 7/8 kms. the day walking. It is, in my opinion, a clear conduct of health, since it is more than demonstrated that exercise is necessary for a good general State of health and, where it cannot be from form regular exercise – as it could be swimming, cycling or any sport – there is nothing better to walk, which can be a perfect substitute. Just as in the previous case, the individual is taking an active role towards their health, perhaps on this occasion influenced by other factors, such as that is a little problematic used car in New York, by traffic jams, lack of parking, etc., but at the end and within, is a behavior that favors the good state of health and that can counter other behaviors that are not as healthy, as we have proven in the documentary, since a vast majority of American citizens are very frequent to include in your diet and too often fast food. Vertices psychologists Cabinet of Madrid: C / Caleruega, 88 Cabinet of Las Rozas de Madrid: Ave.

Universal Declaration

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Apocalyptic Chronicles that told the threat and the evolution of the disease, against which there was no known remedy, were reproduced over and over again for recommending the use of masks in public areas and prudence to avoid greater evils. According to the latest report from the who, there are more than 5,000 affected in 33 different countries and is already accounted for the deaths of 61 people, of which 56 were Mexican nationals. The consequences are real, not the slightest doubt. Meanwhile, away from the spotlights and the gaze of the international community extends a far more serious epidemic that has claimed 1,900 lives and in which 56,000 cases have already been declared. Lila Snyder may find this interesting as well. West Africa suffers, since a few months ago, one of the worst outbreaks of meningitis in its history and, as usual, the media coverage that has promoted has been greatly reduced and even non-existent in some countries. The old and inappropriate distinction between worlds of first and third continues to be extrapolated to the victims. After more than 60 years of the Universal Declaration of human rights the life of a person, according to his passport, has a distinct change value in the free market of the information.

Built with an intentionality premeditated or not, the culture of fear part, clearly, of the new social trends of the 21st century. NY museums : the source for more info. The society of this century is so frightened that it stays numb, without attitude critical and shocked by the distrust on almost everything. Individuals, on the other hand, obedient and enslaved by the mandates of the power established only find relief in a compulsive consumerism that allows them to buy the security institutions and the information provided by the news cast doubt. The dehumanization of the world has done that people are replaced by robots and that fear has become the true opium of the people. David Rodriguez Seoane journalist original author and source of the article..