The Strengths

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But the road not only comes up there, a remuneration that may be more attractive to workers give a greater effort to comply with organizational requirements it is not everything, since this effort and labor care should also mean job bringing ever greater value to the operations of the company, i.e. it must be accompanied by an improvement of labor operational and intellectual level. If not, it does nothing more effort if this will not add greater value by not having better quality of workmanship. For this reason, the variable remuneration, as a motivational aspect, must be accompanied by an organizational training program developed from an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of officials with respect to the requirements established by the company for its effective operation processes, so how, current and future requirements of the industry to allow these same to provide innovations in a way that the company this equal or a step later than its main competitors. And finally, you must work in a constant improvement of the communicational channels, since highly motivated and trained staff who not adequately aware of the objectives, strategies and organizational programs, or not adequately coordinate operations, may not generate much value for the company. In conclusion, so that organizations can be truly felt the real systems of quality management benefits as they are: or better external image or greater domestic or improving productivity or continuous process improvement or opening of markets or better working environment or others is very important to start by organizational motivation, but not through motivational talks or offering training programs as incentives among other aspects, but working in function to the variable remuneration, so that the officer knows that his remuneration depends only on the effort, attitude and commitment put in daily operations to meet the requirements established by the quality management system. This, in turn, must be accompanied by a training programme that allows officials to give greater value to the company through better performance and knowledge, and finally, a work in the continuous improvement of the communicational channels that facilitates a better coordination of activities and understanding that objectives and as intended to achieve them the company. Original author and source of the article.