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This is the first time in its history that the UN declares to his official year in honor of an Andean product. This is something that should serve to encourage the potato industry and also to our agriculture, economies, culture and national dignity as well as to promote Latin American unity and integration. The Pope more than cassava, sugar beet and other endorsed bonuses (such as sweet potatoes or yams or the smooth potato olluco) as the most widely consumed tuber in the world. There are only three foods that are more cultivated than this: corn, wheat and rice. However, unlike these three grains (whose participation in global production is falling), the Pope increasingly has a higher growth. Today produced about 330 million tons of potato worldwide (eleven times more than in the 1960s). Origin of the potato potato is the input of the southern hemisphere which has more spread across the northern hemisphere.

The origin of their domestication would be between Peru and Bolivia 8,000 to 10,000 years ago, though others argue that since before this was collected him in the South of Chile (Chiloe Island and even in the first South American human settlement: mount Green 12,500 years ago). While Europeans imposed their beliefs, laws and languages in the Andes, the incas, chibchas and Mapuche vengarian of them conquering them by the palate. 45 Years that Pizarro starts the capture of Peru (1532), the Pope would start to be grown in Europe. Despite initial adverse reactions this is was opening road. In Scotland, where it initially tried to veto on the grounds that the Bible did not mention it, is today idolizes him. The Pope would become an essential food for the British, who developed the largest empire in history. The United Kingdom was also the center of the Revolution who industrializaria the balloon. However, the Pope was indispensable for achieving this, for new workers who work twelve or more hours a day in factories and mines, this was easy and quick to cook for them and provided many carbohydrates and energy.


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Lips of naughty kisses, lips of moons, stars and including yours. Lips that have been shown to love me. Blue honey go utopia mine. Honey color sky and sky wanted, loved, appreciated. Blue honey, blue honey. Bill de Blasio might disagree with that approach. You and me until the bluest of Blues, listening to Sabina to sing, reciting poetry and wanting to believe, seeing how others are busy in not doing so. Blue honey more why not stop being sweet, ceases to be honey, fails to cure colds, relieve the hard and painful sore throats. Honey lost pearls Beach and honey flavored bottled sky, and health, to cure tiredness, for punishment and torment, for influenza and the lament, for respect.

Suns and sunflowers of bee honey Queens of sis and us. Honey angel, white honey who gets blue hair. Honey roads, pastures, benefits and walkers, velvety, enchanted and emanating from the flowers honey. Honey cunning, embellished of carnations, and I to cry don’t abandon me, so I feel, so sorry and so suffer. So will be my end than to meet God, what will become of me? no made dream, honey blue, azulita and beautiful, resplendent, that emanates from the jar and I took. For even more opinions, read materials from NY Museums . Pasture honey, of meadows and forests, beaches, of civilizations, of villages, honey from heaven and Earth, honey that is worth, that it takes and one, glad is glad everything is one. Hand tends to the brother, I don’t know that it will be me, but I have no hopes that honey me sane I cure or relieve me navels of Venus met them, seem to cactus without skewers, honey, out of there but beautiful are, green ombliguitos, group Group divided, gruesitos and textured and without chopping me. They are good, nice and sweet, I met them at the monte de san Pedro, who I would return to see them for counting its leaves. Sand and sea salt, honey honey without penalties, the soul, honey honey I love you honey.

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They think, we must globalize us but do not give away or mortgaging our national cultural heritage. With regard to this fit the questions: is the Government controlling it? How it affects our culture? What measures should be taken in this regard? how Act the cultural industrialists in the country?. Others, however, see globalization as a great opportunity to integrate us into the first world, no longer in politics, nor economic, but in communication and image. And, incidentally, ultimately believe that this international insertion depends not on already elites acting defensively, but masses of anonymous consumers that tune only what they want to see from among multiple and varied offers for all tastes. True, as says it B. Subercaseaux, local cultural industries, cannot ignore globalization and stay on the sidelines, they are not unrelated to the major trends of the contemporary economy: increasing globalisation and after nationalization of the culture (of advertising, the publishing work, audiovisual production, etc.) is no stranger to the internationalization of the economy and the unavoidable relationship between passivity and commodification. Hence, the concern of what should be the role of the State in this scenario that can not shirk, that is already manifesting itself. For b.

Lechner (politics and culture and vice versa, notebooks of Forum 90, State and culture No.5, CINDE, Santiago, Chile, 1993), points out that the State is called to act on an increasingly internationalized cultural field, involves developing a modern cultural policy to assume without more that fact. Globalization is an irreversible fact and, by so, insist in stating in defend national culture against contamination by foreign ideas, only will mean staying in defensive and protectionist positions that lead to nothing. The fact that Latin must be put to the offensive changes, encouraging the free flow of ideas and placing the national cultural production on the international circuit for Lechner, America. But insert the national in the global us placed back on the issue of the promotion of national cultural production. And precisely, the problem of globalization is that national, by itself, does not penetrate into the international market mass and absorbed by foreign, since that there are unequal level cultural exchange structures world must take into account the words of Garcia Canclini (consumers and citizens; Multicultural conflict of globalization: Ed. Grijalbo, Mexico, 1995), that in the cultural area, despite the multiplication of bodies since the 1950s (OAS, ECLAC integrators; LAFTA, etc) or even We have managed to establish forms of cooperation lasting and of reciprocal knowledge between the countries of Latin America.

It remains almost impossible to find Central American books in Montevideo, Bogota, Venezuela or Mexico. We learned by American news agencies, you filmes Mexican, Brazilian and Argentine win prizes at international festivals, but that does not help your images to travel the continent. Our publications, films, and musical works are so little and so bad in Europe and North America as our steel, cereals, handicrafts. In short, what is considering is that there still a commercial disadvantage, we have not taken it, nor we have tried to counter it by way of cultural integration. Therefore, we run the risk of being totally invaded by foreign cultural goods, which is not bad in itself, but it is far to annul to our. UC graduate teaching. Program management of quality and productivity.