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How many times have you heard the phrase: “The kids are growing …”? Probably many. And moving this to the reality of Latin American countries, the current situation shows us economies such as Peru or from Colombia who have experienced a significant qualitative leap in recent years. The economies of Peru and Colombia have been showing an amazing consolidation in recent years, governments have given priority to compliance with the rules and implementation of policies that prioritize long term and not seeking immediate benefits. So, as I have said before, the result of sound macroeconomic policies has been implemented Peru, the country has benefited from the recognition of investment grade and with the agreement to join the OECD. On the day yesterday, from the IDB is predicted for this year and next year, the Peruvian economy will be to observe the highest growth in the region (that year may reach 9%). The Colombian economy is also achieved important successes, with a strong growth in recent years and although inflation is currently being felt, it is a problem in the short term because the Colombian economy is marching on the right path and macroeconomic fundamentals remain strong. That is why foreign investments into the country grow at a rate more than acceptable.

Colombia’s economy is that productive sectors offers multiple investment opportunities, such as tourism, oil exploration, the infrastructure sector, among others. Each one by his side, the economies of Peru and Colombia continue to grow … Even now are also looking to do together. Is that pockets of Colombia and Lima are exploring options for a possible integration of stock markets. The president of the Lima Stock Exchange, Roberto Hoyle, said in a statement: “We are very interested in the possibility of a future integration of our equity markets and in the next phase of fixed income. Such approaches are of great importance to strengthening our markets. ” How does the integration of equity markets can benefit the economies of Peru and Colombia? While not major stock markets, one can imagine that this integration could enhance their growth and benefit to investors who thus find a greater variety of investment opportunities and allow for better risk diversification. One aspect that can not be missed is that Peru is the main destination for Colombian investments abroad, so this partnership will improve the funding of Colombian companies in the Peruvian market.

The success of this integration may be able to think about the possibility of incorporating new exchanges of the countries of the region and thus advance the regional integration project of the markets which often tried to gain momentum, but for different reasons could not reach fruition. But, before you go projecting what can happen with this development in regional stock markets, it is clear that integration may not be as simple as it needs to reach agreements on various aspects such as policy issues. In fact, the attempt to integrate that have been carrying out in recent years, stock markets in Mexico and Brazil, could not materialize in this issue. What is clear is that if you could choose a time to think about that Latin American economies to advance the integration of stock markets despite the turmoil in the economies of first world, you could not pick a better time this region where overall, has achieved significant macroeconomic stability, which is growing strongly and has already begun thinking seriously about moving towards a permanent economic development.

Global Village

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All corroborate the concept of ' ' Global&#039 village; ' brother-in-law sociological in years 60 for the Canadian professor. NY Museums has firm opinions on the matter. A more multicriteria analysis and with a focus in the finances and the commerce can making in them to review the concepts of the globalization, this wonderful process, inexorable, each more present time in the life of all purely sociological we. The humanity must be seen and analyzed under diverse angles, the permanent and mysterious evolution is each marcante time, the border concepts had died, a universal language is in course (probably mixture English, Chinese and Spaniard). All result of the interaction between people and its communication, relations of proximity, exactly in virtual world as it provides the Internet. The social nets and other tools that go appearing diminish the distances and promote many benesses to all the actors, government, companies and society. To studious, governing and the constituent ones of the process it will remain the concern with the maintenance of the ethical and moral rules that must guide the humanity.

Another crucial point for maintenance of this process is the permanent fight against the social injustice and other types of exclusion that can appear with the movement in question. The powerful economic and cultural interchange between diverse countries, known as globalization, probably will bring still crises, injustices perhaps, but the technological revolution, bastion of the movement, will promote faster and efficient wonders each time. It is the new world and the new world-wide order. It only remains in them to manage and to usufruct of this process, little mattering when in fact it started, but thinking and working so that it does not finish or has the improper interruptions as we could dissertar here. Valley the reflection at this moment in which the ambient questions are precocupantes and the humanity starts to enxergar and to argue much more things related to its future.

Latin America System

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Sics (2002, P. 24) Another factor important for the adoption of the inflation goals, it would be the increase of accountability of the Central banking, diminishing its possibility to fall in the ambush of the secular inconsistency. Moreover, the increase of accountability becomes possible to foresee the expectations of the inflation. Svensson (1998) identified three phases of a delegation of efficient monetary politics, is they: (1) society announces goals for the monetary politics, (2) the central banking receives instrument from independence to follow the goals, (3) the central banking is responsible before the society for the fulfilment of the goals for the monetary politics. 2.3.2 Disadvantages For Mishkin and Savastano (2001), the inflation is considered an 0 variable of difficult control, this would be the first disadvantage of the adoption of the system of inflation goals. This problem is considered still bigger for the countries of Latin America, therefore they are characterized by possessing raised inflation levels. In function of this, these countries finish generating little credibility to the market, for the fact of, with some frequency the goals are deviated and to occur errors in the forecast how much to the future inflation. According to Sics (2002), the theory that supports the regimen of inflationary goals is not consensual between the economists and, its hypotheses do not possess evidences capable to support them.

For times, such hypotheses not even possess internal consistency. Ademais, argues that if the only objective of the monetary politics is the control of the inflation, it this being subutilizada. The system of inflation goals possesss rigid rules very. As Mishkin and Savastano (2001), this finishes diminishing flexibility to deal with unexpected circumstances. On the other hand, it was commented in the item of the advantages, that the system of inflation goals adapte easily, in the cases of shock of domestic or external origin, what also it can be faced as a fragility of the system, therefore finishes not serving as nominal anchor for not allowing much flexibility.

Venezuelan Management

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A very thorough review of who’s who of clients, to strengthen the relationship with them, while letting you view the relationship of credit and collection. Inventories will play an important role in terms of its weight in economic and financial structure. And the relationship with suppliers should assume round-how much depends on who does well to my provider – for the payment chain. While promotions are seen as the element that will be used to maintain the product on the market. Read additional details here: NYC Mayor. ” Everything indicates that the advice of George Hill, of the UCLA, are aimed at “putting the emphasis on reducing costs, making efficient management of human resources, administrative costs and tax, and the organization of production. And, after achieving success in these orders, find new products and services and new channels and marketing and promotion.

But of little use new and good ideas if a sudden loss of profitability by the crisis quickly generates a decline in the sustainability of the company. “Researchers emphasize internal cost control because they also affect the rise in public services like light, transport, gas, etc. The unions, aware of the situation est, and are planning new claims for their members. In that sense, Dentice explains that “tariff increases will hit very hard in the final cost as the driving force (electricity and gas) has much effect on intensive companies in energy sources, thereby reducing the scope to operate in a rarefied atmosphere, as noted by Claudio toggle a small business owner providing inputs for the oil industry that supplies the local market, regional and Africa. Meanwhile, I think the decision in bidding wages in SMEs will have a component where the worker-employer relationship can become more flexible, although this does not imply a severe impact on costs. management charge of SMEs have to relocate to the effects of this reality, namely to determine its scope, especially when the country’s business sector, especially SMEs, face serious problems of survival even a decade ago, when the government of President Hugo Chavez began a statement expressing his socialist ideology for the country, leading to the Bolivarian revolution, which has been causing a scene turbulent, uncertain, risky, where many SMEs have disappeared, and those that still remain, do with fear, uncertainty.

There are a large number of SMEs that are facing serious funding problems, productivity, competitiveness, operation, reaching many to reduce staff at work and others to participate in the market with a productivity that does not guarantee real competition like the current scenarios demand. Of course there are some who have managed to cope, however, now they added the global economic crisis where management should focus on action plans that will ensure their survival, namely opportunities.

Weber Capitalist

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Roborando assundo, SOUZA LIBERAL GRANDSON and OF (2004: 46) assure that: In the weberiana theory, the peculiar rationality to the capitalist societies is present in the bureaucratic support of the State, in the companies, the organizations and the division of the work. Rudy Giuliani understood the implications. The calculation folloies even though sentences judicial e, why not, the religious organizations and reflections. The proper human behavior, in many situations, is, to the times, planned, calculated, to prevent certain conflicts, acasos and risks. (grifo ours). Following this same line of reasoning LUKCS (1984: 110) add that, to exist, the modern capitalist company ' ' it has necessity of a justice and an administration whose functioning also can be, in principle, calculated according to solid general rules, as if mquina.&#039 calculates the previsible work effected by one; ' 4.Concluso After the questionings above displayed, seems not to have doubt of that the o development of Emlia Romagna must, effectively, to be analyzed under the optics of the Paradigm Bureaucratic-Elitist de Weber. Additional information is available at Rudy Giuliani. It could until imagining that due to the concept of ' ' solidarity orgniga' ' , developed for Drkheim, the Italian case could be analyzed through the Paradigm ' ' Pluralista-Funcionalista' ' , since the concept of ' ' Coletiva&#039 efficiency; ' elaborated for (SCHMITZ, 1997:172) it creates a false idea of that to all the society acts of form ' ' solidria' ' through ' ' action conjuntas' ' described in the previous item for this exactly author. In the truth, ' ' action conjuntas' ' that it deals with (SCHMITZ, 1997:172) are restricted to-somente to those actions practised for the entrepreneurs and not for the community in general, and, in this in case that, seems that such solidarity does not pass of an accessory condition of the production, and not essential to the integration of the society. Although to admit that in the capitalist societies the social solidareidade is present, Drkheim (1978: 31) warns: But she is necessary to determine where measured the solidarity that it produces it contributes for the general integration of the society: therefore it is only then that we will know until point is necessary, if is an essential factor of the social cohesion or, in contrast, if it is an accessory and secondary condition. .

Teatro Regio

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Station is busy, because from it you can go to the center of Italy, Bologna, Milan, Venice, Verona, to mention some cities with great ease. Credit: NYC Mayor-2011. Upon my return, the temperature was always in mid-February and beginning of March when leave between 5 to 12 degrees maximum. Take advantage of a little more time to know well his Centre, the Duomo, Baptistry and above all, walk through its cobbled streets. You can go to reviera of the Parma river, tributary of the Po River, that divides this city in two, where is says to there is a tradition that the lovers tie with a padlock to seal their love. There are many places to visit and you can easily do as churches, palaces, monasteries. Via Emilia, finally different places, each one holds a particular attraction, but the important thing is the security that gives the city, where there is no danger to assaults, robberies as in Latin countries, which particularly concerns us Venezuela. Of course you should go to the works presented in the Teatro Regio and small ele Theatre Farnesi0, completely in wood, which in summer is very active.

When one is in this small and cosy city, recalls two great composers such as Giuseppe Verdi and Arturo Toscanini first was born in this city and is considered by many of his contemporaries (critics, colleagues and general public) as the largest conductor of his era. He was famous for his brilliant intensity, his relentless perfectionism, his prodigious ear and her photographic memory that allowed him to correct errors of the orchestra members who had been unnoticed for decades by his colleagues. The second as noted and Wikipedia, Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi reminds us. Born on October 10, 1813, in the Duchy of Parma (then part of France), where he received his first music lessons in La Roncole. He continued his studies in Busseto, under the supervision of Ferdinando Provesi. Soon became the organist of the its village church. He tries to enter the Conservatory of the city of Milan but fails.

We can say that their early hits are related to the political situation that existed in Italy. Apart from its artistic quality, his operas also served to exalt the nationalist character of the Italian people. Perhaps the Va pensiero (chorus of slaves from the opera Nabucco) is one of the most well-known choirs in Italy for this reason. In this way, Verdi triumphs in Milan. Indeed, for those who prefer the tranquility, live in this city is a guarantee of this, more if it likes to eat very well, especially cheese and ham and of course its pizzas. Each season his attractive special has both winter and summer, though the latter makes a very strong heat like Maracaibo in Venezuela, is however more bearable that the trust, as well as summer activities that are intense. I left Parma with nostalgia, no doubt, it was an experience very Nice and my place of operations for moving to Italy and South Center and enjoy its scenery, especially by train which was what most use. The curious thing about the life left it with 5 degrees the day I came and I found myself with a temperature of 38 degrees, after three long months of be enduring the cold.


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The fourth rule is called consistency and is applied when the negotiation is in a more advanced phase. Its logic consists of stimulating the customer to demonstrate its intention to buy before other people, or still, to stimulate it to write down it the data and conditions, therefore studies developed for some specialists indicate that the people are more inclined to fulfill what they write or they reveal public. The relative agreement to this principle is that the people tend to be faithful to the commitments that write down or reveal, being that this technique can assist in the formalizao of sales and other businesses. A form to use this rule is to use forms to write down and to deliver the data to the customer, which can be called ' ' Interest of purchase or Consultation of Compra' ' , with the objective to create a sensation of commitment next to the customer. To complement you can inform that if the customer to sign the document of Interest of purchase the company will guarantee the condition negotiated per 15 days, what she means that you are creating a commitment of the customer you stop with you offer. The fifth principle is called consensus and turns on the necessity to give trustworth information to the customer, as well as divulging all the data that you make use to assist its consumer to take its decision, therefore remembers, in a negotiation the parts is trying to decide of form to find the solution that takes care of the greater number of necessities of each part. The sixth and last principle is the affinity. This rule considers that the people look for to become related with people similar to them, that is, does not advance to try to treat all the people in the same way.

This means that when negotiating you must respect the behavior of the other part of form to create the biggest possible affinity, therefore case you behaves of inadequate form all the undertaken effort could be lost and its negotiation to finish in a failure. As it is possible to observe this set of principles does not involve no complex theory or the adoption of concepts of difficult agreement. We observe however, that the success in its use is decurrent of the practical one continues and of disciplines. Good negotiations!


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‘ ‘ The capitalist economic model, ally to a quick technological development, was the base for the creation of deep complexes where if it believed to be manipulating the risk in adequate way. The consistent increase of the prices left the minorities without property. To compensate this necessity the government increased the loans with reduction in the standards. That is, he was not demanded documentation that before the low income layers needed to present to make a financing, making with that the housings of low price inflacionassem faster than of high standard. Institutions that kept the mortgages in its wallets had started to include them in deep and reselling them, therefore with the valuation sped up of the immovable ones it was a lucrative business extremely. That this yield was only proved not to be perpetual, and these deep ones of mortgage negotiated and renegotiated toram rotten papers, in the measure where the asset given as a pledge of credit (the proper property), was accurately what it was losing value. wallet manipulation of credit for the banks, made in little multicriteria way, gave beginning to a general collapse in the global economies.

From now on the used methods to mensurar the risk had passed to be questioned. Brazil was not known for strong speculation and gives credit that the impact was not high. It is intended in this study to verify if in our country it started to have this questioning on the credibility of the financial institutions. 1.1OBJETIVO GENERAL the general objective is to demonstrate to the reason and the impacts of the crisis of the mortgages subprime in the world, and as it affected the credibility of the financial system, that uses methods of standardized mensurao of risk in the whole world and, as objective I specify, to verify if it is had impact of the credibility of these institutions in Brazil, through the comparison between the risk and the cost the emissions of debentures in the period 1.