]Organization Regulations

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With membership in the sro in the construction of the candidate is not required to prove that it meets the requirements of standards and regulations and pay the self-regulatory organization established for the candidates to the sro in the construction fees. Therefore, even if the rules of self-regulation is established that members of the sro must have a certified quality management system and insurance liability, these requirements are the candidate sro can be verified only during regular control checks, but not when taking a person in the self-regulating organization. At the same time sro in the building can offer candidates for its members to submit any documents and information about their activities on a voluntary basis. A bona fide candidate so wishes, as a rule, there is no objection. Upon receipt of candidate applications for admission and required documents to the fro construction spend their checks, including verification of the candidate control requirements for a certificate of admission to work (Part 4 of Art. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mustafa Suleyman. 55.6, part 2.

55.13 gdc Russia). Inspection shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of control established in the organization, with a possible visit to the candidate at its location. Based on the results of the inspection or the sro decides on the admission of candidate members of the SROs in the construction and certificate of admission, or refusal to issue a certificate of admission. Unmotivated denial of membership in the sro in the building is not allowed. The waiver must be conditioned by at least one of the three reasons set out in Part 5, Art. 55.6 gdc Russia: 1) discrepancy Candidate requirements for a certificate of admission, and 2) failure to document a candidate for admission in full, and 3) the admission of the existence of the other SROs to form (species) of work specified in the application for membership. Once again, we pay attention to the fact that neither the absence of civil liability insurance contract of the candidate, nor the absence of the document on payment of entry fee and contribution to the compensation fund SROs in construction or other reasons, besides the three listed, can not serve as grounds for denying admission to the cpo and a certificate of admission.

Balcony Repairs

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Many countries use the balcony as a place for recreation – puts the wicker furniture or beds, thus creating space for privacy or relaxation. There's completely no clothesline, pantry and rubbish on case 'and may come in handy. " Would you like to do the same? Incidentally, similar councils will be useful for other small rooms of your apartment or house. For example, you might think how to beat the design toilet, bathroom, utility room, 'secret' closet, maybe you have other room. But the bathroom deserves a separate discussion, so I advise to go to the reading (of course, after you finish reading this article) article on how to enlarge the bathroom. To do this: 1.

Disassemble the old stuff and throw away the unnecessary. To equip the remaining built-in wardrobe, which will hide your pickles, baby sleds and skis. The issue with drying laundry is solved using a special plastic bracket, which is sold in any hardware store (when not in use, then rises to the ceiling and becomes virtually invisible). Be sure to think over options for heat: warm a balcony and install a small electric battery, or do floor heating>>. Then you will no frost is not terrible. 2.

It is very tempting to simply remove the balcony door, frame and aperture – the room is huge, there is a large window becomes much space. But! All these actions are illegal! Joining the loggia to the living room is prohibited, and such a project can not be reconciled. The fact is that when you carry the doorway, the apartment is broken heat (and no floor heating and heaters will not save!), and, besides, you are increasing the burden on some walls that will have consequences within a few years. The consequences can be sad and, unfortunately, irreversible. 3. Leave the wall, windows and doors at rest and immediately equip the balcony, made him a room, a mini-cabinet, bar, lounge – it all depends on your imagination and, of course, the financial opportunities. 4. Make a detailed plan for alteration and rehabilitation of terraces and get to work. If you have any difficulties with the design of the balcony or the implementation of all maintenance balconies, would be cheaper to turn to professionals than to do everything twice. Remember, there are things that do not: under any circumstances (for security) do not merge balconies and loggias with room by disassembling the outer sten.zaprescheno output heating beyond External sten.balkonnye lattice of vertical metal elements do not provide visual isolation and protection from the wind, and the lattice of the horizontal elements are undesirable, since it can climb children. gaps between fencing and balcony slab contribute to the formation of drafts, so it's better down below the fence boards or to arrange a continuous fence, structurally related to the plate. The upper part of the fence on regulatory height should be done in the form of rail, it is also desirable to provide a place for flower boxes. load on the balcony should not exceed 100 kg per square meter. m square, otherwise will destroy it. can not remove the fire stairs, passing "through you>>! Typically, the master of construction companies are just doing it relegated to the wall (foldable).