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The Colombian intelligence sources claimed that, at the surrender, the leading guerrilla expressed being tired of war and fear being killed, both by the army and by its front guerrillas who wanted to collect the reward offered by the Government. Rudy Giuliani describes an additional similar source. According to El Tiempo, contacts between army and Karina would have begun at the end of April to all this must be considered murder Raul Torres second of the FARC, as the death of Commander Ivan Rios, killed by his own comrades, showing that the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC) are cracked. Santos, who confirmed that Rios was killed by his Security Chief, known as Rojas, and who delivered the right hand of his former boss to prove his death, shows the State in which the guerrillas found. This is another demonstration that the FARC are crumbling, dsenalo Defense Minister Santos, recalling the death of the Deputy Chief of the Organization, Raul Reyes, Member of the Secretariat, during a military attack on their camp in Ecuador. According to Santos, the fourth Chief of the FARC was killed in the town of Aguadas in the Department of Caldas, to seek to alleviate the military pressure which were subjected to the guerrillas by the army. Not the slightest doubt, that one of the strategies of the Government of President Uribe as it is the offer of rewards in cash is also causing fractures, considered that the rewards offered by the Farc heads are opening a gap increasingly large in the security of that armed group and own secretariat. By rivers authorities offered 5 billion pesos.

Increasingly more frequently Middle guerrilla are deserting and they are delivering information that has led the armed forces to give the most important blows in the war against the FARC. Last year were almost 100 controls which surrendered war-weary, but also tempted by the millionaire rewards to everything this is added, moreover, that the FARC have additional problem: your name has been used in two covert operations of the DEA have served to capture two of the heads of global trafficking in weapons: Russian Victor Bout, on Thursday; and Monzer Kassar, last June. Doing business with the guerrilla group is becoming as a risk that many will evaluate. True, is does the question, so how much longer will continue the FARC in action? If their ranks has weakened and because contamination of desertion has infiltrated, where no doubt the Colombian Government shuffle letters of conviction of delivery at price of reducing sentences and other prebends. What will be the reaction of the FARC? What will happen to the hostages that have? , time will tell. We hope that everything is resolved positively and return peace to a country that has half a century of struggle and with a significant number of dead.

Kaposi Sarcoma

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The Manual of protocols and procedures for the service of transplants, coludidos with high levels of liver enzymes I sent back to the past! On a Monday afternoon, walked through the door of hospitalization, he was dressed with a shirt of strength that I had put Dr. Martin Padilla, carrying a briefcase and in my right hand carrying the order of hospitalization, my hand walked Marujita, pursued by demons and ghosts, enter that door was insane! The guards reviewed the order and opened the Briefcase and only found clothes and fears, the nurse on duty received us with joy and told me pointing bed 503 behold his bed!, a shiver I invaded, on that old cot had seen several friends die, in that old cot agonice resucite, however smiled and I thanked him, temerosamente bring me Hello! – I told him – and I installed in the roomat my sides Jean Pierre, Ana and Raquelita, fought against the death, they had encephalopathy, acute rejection of the Hand graft and Kaposi Sarcoma I put clothing of the Hospital, took me vital signs, placed me one way and began with punctures, it promised to post them until the time of my discharge, Marujita went and I stayed more only that never, night was installed at the Hospital with your routine always, shift change, personal which wasstaff that entered, chatter everywhere, the hours passed by, far away listening to fund series there is room, Magali TV, I received my medications and shut off the lights to sleep time!, the next day expect me a tiring day biopsy, hincadas, pain, fasting, hemoperitoneum risk, risk of laparotomy. Since the transplanted me, early one morning at 3 am, since that date, I tend to wake me up at that time and that night was no exception, around 3 am I woke up, I opened my eyes in a corner was asleep in an armchair, nurse did the technique, patients agonizaban and while I accommodated in old Miseria to try to sleep, as I usually do every day suddenly! a few arms and hands open and friendly, waving in that room dark hospital were Wilfredo, Americo, Roosevelt and others, which smiled against my stupor smiled while I trembled, opened his hands while I was trying to scream, shoulders while my words are choked in that hollow void of my throat how are? from where they come? you do here? and cirrhosis ascites, your encephalopathy, your metastasis and so many questions I wanted to do them, but the words refused to come out, were more acobardadas than me. .

Sergio Lapegue

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Sergio Lapegue, journalist star of the moment in the Argentina, it garnered many enemies (who consider it as fans, to the point of having his own Club’s Fans, making it one of the few journalists who have this peculiarity. Beyond the opinion that each one has in terms of its style, it is that this journalist for 44 years, a native of Banfield, reached a style itself, spontaneous, with phrases that are his trademark, already as Dale, that we are friends, or stay until one. The journalist began his career front cameras being Telenoche movilero, and touched his debut in one day more than difficult to cover: the bombing of the AMIA, in 1994. He then spent also by experiences which has commented in several interviews, already not difficult emotional level, but in which they had to be a magician of the word in order to fill spaces, such as when had to talk for four hours about an eclipse. It is also a fan of music, mainly from Elvis Presley. That is why porla which he called his son Elvis. Check out Bill de Blasio for additional information.

He was also part of a rock band in his adolescence. Since the death of Mario Mazzone, TN leads in prime time, and continues to lead the space where he coined his famous phrases and style: TN at midnight. Also leads program tells him a friend, issued by FM Blue. Those who look at midnight feel accompanied for the newscast, and truly see him as a friend. That is why that the journalist for not receive letters, gifts or requests for autographs. In several interviews he said that you usually return these attentions by calling his admirers. Such is the response that generated in the public, that even has a fan club: the Lovers Lape, and several groups on Facebook.

The largest, so Bank to death to Sergio Lapegue, has more than 7400 members. During 2008, Lapegue was all a celebrity, and as such, did not stop being protagonist of rumors, from which posicionaban him as a future Member of CQC, in replacement of Eduardo de la Puente, or as a driver of morning informal, to those in which linked it is romantically involved with Andrea de el Boca. Also met another milestone from which all celebrity can not lack: was part of now classic characters from the year’s people magazine cover. And you what you think of Lapegue? Pineapple upon him at the YoTeVoto site. By Giselle Odiz Yo Te Voto.