Simple Solution

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The best-known domestic automobile tires are tires Kama. Produced various types of tires. According to NYC Marathon, who has experience with these questions. Tires designed for various road transport. This tires for passenger cars, farm machinery, tires for trucks. Kama tire produced according to the weather conditions: winter, summer, all season. Basically they are designed to transport domestic counterparts. Manufactured tires vehicles: Kamaz, zil, Ural.

Kama tire manufactured specifically for vaz, taking into account all the technical indicators of the machine and climatic conditions. In cold tires for trucks – kamaz, zil, Ural not do without the tire kama, which is being developed specifically for the Russian weather. For a car VAZ-21103 is designed specific instances of tire manufacturers. Rubber kama-514 and HP-2000 is not bad showing in snowy and icy roads. Car tire kama-514 inhibits the fine on the ice, gaining quick acceleration, easily overcomes the snow, the safety of different road surfaces. Whenever Pouya David Yadegar listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Used even during a blizzard, the only negative on the rise 6% to dosing traction. The owners of the VAZ-21103, kama tire – 514 most popular.

Attracts a good mount tires to the road, concrete responses to the management, good feedback. Since it is convenient to develop a high speed, irregularities had not been given distortion of the bodywork. Comfortable in . Kama tire – 514 are designed for winter urban roads. Their advantage is the fact that they have no difficulty overcoming the snow and ice roads, and asphalt coating in view of Russian characteristics, the driver does not need to adapt to it – the car's handling remains the same. Only a large amount of snow may hinder movement of the machine. The tire issue monotonous noise while riding. Differs significantly from the previous model HP-2000 – winter tire. Rubber her heavier, ride on the paved road less pleasant, because this tire cover is designed to snow-covered roads. Tire kama HP-2000 by cells of the tread is well secured to the snow-covered surfaces, but on the ice of their technical performance markedly inferior. Also on paved roads and turns show no best results, these tires. Tires they have a much rougher. Design professionals are reflected in the new technological designs kama tire. Thanks to the inexpensive cost and good quality, they find a buyer. Bus optimized for the domestic brands of cars. Remain indispensable truck tires brands Kama. The constant need for them due to cost and subject to the developers of operating and climatic conditions bus utilization. Rubber requires a correct choice for the type of transport and conditions of use.

Taxi Meets Art

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It is safe to say that since its inception city taxi was an essential attribute of the art of xx century. Shall not take into account the numerous popular songs, which exploit the image of the taxi, but even if we look only to the works of literature and films, we can think of many episodes involving hired crews. If at the end of the nineteenth, is now the last century Conan Doyle referred to the their stories about Holmes cabs, carts, and only later – cars, starting at least from the 20th annual fee is increasingly present in books and on the big screen. Elegant cars of those years a great way fit into the black and white picture, emphasizing benefits of fine ladies and gentlemen of the prewar era. Mention of a taxi in the famous novel by Ilf and Petrov's The Golden Calf has become a textbook. The image of the naive driver "Antelope-Gnu is not only fond of all the readers of the epic adventures of the great schemer, but he went into all the film adaptation of the book. Product literature, in this case reflected the actual events the 20th's: rally Moscow- – took place in the actual events and the tragedy of Adam in connection with the arrival in Moscow, brand new black taxicabs Renaud to a tee transfers, how unusual was the very idea of a taxi in the capital by mid- twenties. From the same Soviet satirists can build a bridge across the ocean in " America." In the same book they told about the world of American roads, which was still only beginning to become a full-fledged Highway. .