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The diversity and wealth of the coastal ecosystems are also excellent in the continent. The longitudinal disposition of the same, with the consequent variation of temperatures and sea currents which it is exposed, determines that in Latin America they are located an immense variety of coastal regions of a great ecological and economic value. Thus, a great percentage of the total world-wide of the mangrove swamps (coastal zones keys for the development and terrestrial reproduction of marine species, amphibious, birds and) and reefs of chorale (ecosystems of great biological diversity and great vulnerability), they are located in Latin American waters Salazar adds to us Cross, that – the tropical virgin forests of Mesoamrica and the amazonian river basin, the mangrove swamps and the tropical reefs of chorale of the Caribbean and other zones, mountain the coastal ecosystems of the $andes and marshy zones are some of the most vulnerable ecosystems for the purposes of the climatic change.

Other effects include the increase of the geographic distribution of carriers of infectious diseases, that brings about or greater vulnerability of the people to the malaria, dengue, the yellow fever and the bubonic plague. – The loss of Latin American glaciers is a especially dramatic test of the climatic change: the mountain range of the $andes and the Patagonia in Argentina are showing to signs of backward movement of glaciers and reduction of the zones covered with snow. The loss of glaciers in the $andes and the salt water intrusion by the increase of the level of the sea will affect the potable water availability, as well as to the agricultural production and the tourism. – The region has a political, institutional and technological observation, information systems and control, capacity to create initiatives and marks limited to confront the climatic change. Salazar adds Cross, that of the 20 Countries and islands that there are in the Caribbean, of the 7 Central American countries, the 13 countries in South America and Mexico, the green ones we are present in 10 of them..

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