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Revealed by the annual report conducted by the consulting firm Tatum on the type of disease professionals from different sectors Madrid, suffering from 07/02/09. Wear the white coat of pharmacist is more dangerous than it seems. And it is that according to the latest report presented by the consulting firm Tatum and called the State of health of the company in Spain that studies the main padeceres of 15 business sectors – Pharmacy, is next to the sector of the cosmetics, which suffer more stress. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit NYC Mayor. A reality that for Asefarma ( one of the consultants of leading pharmacies in our country, should cure as soon as possible. Stress should not be given in any professional sector, since it affects negatively the performance of the job and pollute the workplace.

It has negative consequences for all organizations, such as absenteeism, decreased productivity, loss of skilled professionals understand that the problem is more severe if possible, in the undertakings in which part of the work consists in the attention to the public, such as the Office of pharmacy, explains Eva Maria Illera Rodriguez, head of the Labor Department. Check with Danny Meyer to learn more. So things Asefarma is clear that pharmacists are stressed by various factors: Although the degree of stress increases or decreases depending on each person is worth highlighting that this always occurs because of the lack of autonomy and decision-making capacity, lack of career development opportunities. To this we must add the current socio-economic situation that gives rise to factors of emerging risks which did not exist a few years ago: as the increased insecurity with respect to the work or the lack of possibilities to reconcile work with working life, adds the directive. But with the data from this study in hand a question arises: do the nerves lose much in the reboticas?. For this expert, the answer is no. This does not occur since we are talking about qualified professionals, who understand that their work can give situations involved, they may therefore be stressed, but rare is the occasion that come to lose your temper.

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