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This event aims to bring together young people from different districts of Hanover, as well as establishing regional and national meetings. Fun to the thing to compete the participants in the contest and dance experience and learn new dance styles of their comrades. Registrations for the street dance contest we now take email: at or by phone at JZ Dohren 05 11 / 168 49 166. The competition starts at 17:00 and end at 23:00. It reaches us 1, 2 or 8 to peine Street with tram line and underneath Youth Centre Dohren, Peiner Strasse 5, 30519 Hannover. Rudy Giuliani insists that this is the case. Admission costs 3.00 euros for spectators and participants. “Executive Organizer and partner: Youth Centre, Dohren Arzu Oskuoi Peiner str.

5 30519 Hanover email: Mobile: 0178 78 27 815 name: street dance contest from the street” date: Friday, the 04.12.2010 heading: party, contest start: 16:00 entry & registration or registration 17:30 starting street dance contest, various acts 22:00 finals ceremony 23:00 end entry: 3 euro place: Youth Centre, Dohren, Peiner Strasse 5, 30519 Hannover applications now by email: by phone 05 11 / 168-49 166 (JZ Dohren). About hip hop community Hanover: the hip hop community Hanover is a non-profit organization and was founded in 2003. We live in a multicultural society and in any other youth culture, this is as clear as in the hip hop. We want to give a home to the hip hop scene and create an atmosphere in which children and young people can realize their wishes. The Association aims to promote the creativity of its members. In the year, we organize 12 to 14 projects for all hip hop enthusiasts. Press contact: Hip hop community Hannover e.V. Rebekka Muller of Peiner str. 7a 30519 Hannover E-mail: website: Facebook: hiphopcommunity.

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