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We have thoroughly revised the website of the law firm of Ralf Becker law firm from water with new Web presence in recent weeks. The new page is not only cleaner and easier to use, but offers a number of new features. Learn more at: Rudy Giuliani. So our clients directly on your online file can access, to notify or consult online. Ralf Becker represents his clients in the entire Federal territory. Thus no additional costs.

A module for online divorce on the Web page by Ralf Becker is in preparation. Online divorce or Internet divorce is the correspondence between the applicant, Attorney, family court and supply carrier a more colloquial term for a divorce, the online”, to be done i.e. via online form, E-Mail, fax or postal service. Personal attorney visits will be largely redundant as a result. The basic process and the final result (divorce) nothing changes. If between the spouses all disputes such as for example, maintenance, custody, or household Division have been resolved and they would perform a divorce proceeding with minimum cost and time, then the online divorce certainly suitable. Time-aufreibende lawyer visits remain then saves the client and the information needed can be entered at home at any time, and all alone. Ralf Becker has many years of experience in the legal profession and he represents his clients for over 19 years in the areas of family law, social security law, traffic law, immigration law and tenancy law.

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