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In psychology, the term resilience refers to the ability of individuals to overcome periods of death or emotional pain. When a subject or animal group is capable of doing, is said to have adequate resilience, and may overcome setbacks or even be strengthened by them. The concept of resilience corresponds to the term integrity. Do not forget that the mental resilience is the result of multiple processes that counteract the harmful situations, this is a scenario which could signal the following steps: Defense and protection to balance the tension facing Commitment and Challenges Overcoming The significance and value self-positivity Accountability Creativity about brings us, that the concept of hardiness first appeared in the scientific literature in 1972 in relation to the idea of protection against stressors. Kobasa and Maddi are the authors developed the concept, through the study of those who face negative life events seemed to have personality characteristics that protected them. It has been established that resilient people have a great sense of commitment, a strong sense of control over events and are more open to changes in life, while tend to interpret stressful and painful experiences as a part of existence, is generally considered to be a multifactorial construct three main components: commitment, control and challenge.

The concept of hardiness is closely linked to existentialism. Gino Faffa, upon the matter tells us, that resilience is built from the illuminating of the human being from their strengths, assuming the potential of each individual to develop. L to the second edge is the idea of diversity, of difference.

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