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It’s a real learning process. You’ll work hard to understand what suits you and what does not. 4 Decisiveness. At this stage, you learn understand the different market situations and trading systems. Without even noticing, you have finally found their way to trade after thousands of hours of hard work. You use one method and cultivating it. You understand that better improved in one direction, it may be the Fibonacci lines or something else.

The most important thing is that you gradually become more specialized trader. You test your strategy and it works. You get vast knowledge of the market. You look like you started and can not help but laugh with their stupidity. And though you have not done enough money to call himself a successful trader, you are proud of their achievements. You understand that the Holy Grail is not a technical analysis and indicators. You calculate “the risk for each transaction and follow strict rules of money management.

You close your losing positions quickly and learn to gradually withdraw from profitable transactions. You begin to relate to elk as to the costs of business. You take only the best deals that have proved their efficiency after the test. You feel confident because you know that trading is a game based on probabilities. Your psychology has changed, you become a professional trader. 5 successful trader. You completely trust his method, and take the deal systematically. Your main goal – consistency, and you often perform their plan. You have reached the conscious competence. You well know all their strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes you feel euphoric, and sometimes a pain, but you know enough to control themselves. Finally, you can earn a living by trading. 6 Professional. This is the last stage where you understand the market where trading. So how do you do it every day, you know all the levels support / resistance in this market. Do you understand how markets operate, and in most cases can predict the direction of price movement. As soon as you feel euphoric, you close the position because he understands that this is equivalent to trading on emotion. In talking with other traders you know how far you have gone ahead. People start to ask you sovety.You pat yourself on your back and take profits as soon as you feel euphoric. Do you have your own trading method and you can publish book. You open the transaction naturally, without stress, and you just enter and exit the market. Instead of waiting until your position is forcibly closed by the foot, as you close it, if you see that were not right. You hold your head high, but remains modest inside. You have officially finished school trading. A profession a trader is a very tough journey for many people. Be a professional trader – one of the most challenging jobs in the world. If you like to take the call, you will get great pleasure from the result. Trade is 30% of the system and 170% psychology. 200% is required to become a professional trader.

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