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The basic objective is to have jobs that are excellent both for individuals and for production. Why insist in stating that the quality of life at work is a big step taken forward from the traditional structure of employment that applied scientific management, which focused primarily on the specialization and efficiency to perform limited tasks. We say to this structure, it was revolutionizing, took a full division of tasks, rigid hierarchies and standardization of labour to achieve its goal of efficiency. The fact, that the current scenarios require a management who knows the challenges, changes, everything that step to identify the human resource with its responsibilities, performance, and more when you have given them necessary to ensure a good quality of life that avoid demotivation, unproductive thereon, provides us with Pedro Rafael Camacaro, that should be taken rather than the quality of life at work is based on the principle that employees are human that must be developed; work must have a positive conception whose aim is to exalt the human aspect of the worker, allowing himself to fulfil other roles such as: father, spouse, family, etc., since working with purely human sense, carries with it the best thing for the worker in all areas that affect to its course in the Organization, which brings as a consequence that requires certain indicators, in the sense of maintaining a balance between the worker, the Organization and the environment. Adds us also, that since its more simplistic and biased assessment, the quality of life has been tanteada between frames of reference that establishes the binomial satisfaction and dissatisfaction of needs. Thereon, controversies have arisen by the ambiguities around abstract interpretations of terms such as: happiness, well-being, wealth, development, possibility of consumption, dissatisfaction: needs, poverty, compliance, satisfaction, economic growth, accumulation, among others that are homologated as synonyms between itself, which vary in each context or when some paradigms or transient discussions; trasnochan which, undoubtedly, keeps us a theoretical unanimity and apparently inasmuch as there is no full coincidence between the disciplines that have been commissioned for his study and implementation.

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