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The new single by Pascal Krieger – if here at our Mallorca were once again met Pascal Krieger with his new single in the black. Titled”If here at our Mallorca… a real catchy tune was produced since September 30, 2011 the title on the label A 45 music is published and available on all popular download portals. Who wants to keep the good old CD in hands can order them at. The song was recorded and mixed by none other than Alan Vukelic which has produced the current single by Loona.

Artists such as Mickie Krause, Jurgen of Drews, and many more have produced their songs in the Studio in Bietigheim with Alan. Alan Vukelic succeeded to give the perfect sound of the composition by Ralf Roder. Edith Jeske wrote the text and the production took over Gunter Sattler MG music. Those who know Pascal Krieger he knows that he is a guarantor of super mood. With his excellent LIVE performance and its rich repertoire he is able each event with his performance to the perfect event to make. The native Rhinelander is available after each event like for autographs and got whatever his current CD’s. No fan is leaving the event without a personal dedication to autograph or CD. In the Carnival, on Mallorca parties, u 30 parties or on the radio, if here at us about Mallorca “invites to the party and dance.” A song everyone can just sing along, just a real earworm may missing on any party.

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