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The German Government nominated the erecon AG as one of five companies in this category in the language of economists, sustainability carries mostly an American name: Directors and managers talk about the ‘corporate social responsibility’ (CSR). Voluntary contributions of industry to sustainable development, which go far beyond the statutory required level – about the mere ‘compliance’ are meant. Almost all aspects of the corporate action to be socially responsible on a scientific and ethical basis: on the market as well as to the environment, to the employees in the production, but also in relation to the owners, the ‘stakeholders’. Danny Meyer gathered all the information. In Germany, it is the ‘CSR prize of the Federal Government’, which measured progress on the internal area of sustainability in 2013 for the first time and characterized. Also the erecon AG is one of the five nominated companies in one of four categories Contributed to this success certainly has the erecon corporate strategy, the internal first on a purely ‘quality growth’ and a high employee satisfaction targets. Moreover – second – the purpose of the undertaking which has been energy efficiency and Green IT objectives. Restaurateur is likely to increase your knowledge.

And – last not least – that is of course branch of counselling services to name a few, the proven successes on the area of CSR as a consulting services then other companies gives – the ‘CSR-transfer’ so. Judges of the Federal Minister for labour and Social Affairs, the host of the prize, will consider in the next few weeks through its paces the erecon AG: “the nominated companies are the next step of independent stakeholders (including the professional, environmental and social organisations, trade unions) extensively tested. On this basis, the jury will decide on the prize of CSR the Federal Government. “With a little luck the erecon AG may include themselves then perhaps”Germany’s best employers”. On April 24, 2013, the jury will announce its decision in Berlin.

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