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Now also lenses implantations are opened the now third location in North Rhine-Westphalia CityLasik in CityLasik possible in Cologne. “The National Director of the CityLasik, Thomas Feck, is convinced that the cooperation with the eye clinic at the Hansaring: we have found a strong partner in the heart of Cologne.” The treatment centre is supervised by Dr. Ralph Neuber on medical page. “The experienced surgeon is pleased about the cooperation with CityLasik: CityLasik be a cheaper price and an uncompromising quality concept hand-in-hand.” The treatment centre in the city centre of Cologne is equipped with the most modern investigation and treatment devices. Also, the site in Cologne has a modern Femtosekundenlaser for the Femto LASIK, the currently most advanced and most gentle treatment method.

The Femto LASIK is more precise and is recommended even by the U.S. space agency NASA. Besides the eye laser treatment, also lenses implantations are performed at first CityLasik in Cologne. So can be corrected even more deficient and the so-called presbyopia (presbyopia). CityLasik, a network of treatment and counselling centres in whole Germany, specializes in the correction of Ametropia (E.g. myopia) by means of laser treatments. There are now seven locations in Germany and together with the Scandinavian memira group, the experience was now won from 170,000 treatments in 42 centres in Europe. All centres of CityLasik have the most modern technical equipment for an optimal treatment of the patients.

All treatment centers of CityLasik have a femtosecond laser and can use the most modern and most gentle treatment method offered by Femto LASIK. CityLasik be a cheaper price and an uncompromising quality and security concept hand-in-hand. The treatments take place only in accordance with the Commission of refractive surgery (KRC). CityLasik is only highly qualified doctors and medical staff, 75% of doctors are KRC Coach. All employees regularly attend seminars to stay within the scope of work technically up to date.

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