Mubarak Revolution

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Meanwhile, in the name of the Islam opportunistic dictators or expired monarchs, live the own life on the king with mansions and luxuries while their towns are born and grow illiterates, the extreme misery reaches its populations in the middle of or the young people are going to the university to waste the time since nothing is necessary to most of make when they withdraw, the times exceptionally preparations. This it is a global world where they do not only propagate in the argument of the left obsolete MacDonalds or hamburgers, jeans and maquillajes, fashions and irrelevance, capitals and transnational companies, but also a dangerous virus called freedom, one that the expeditious way the more of the contagion uses: the social technology, Internet, networks. Every one has its ways and its procedures, each revolution finishes squashed or triumphant, each has diverse alternatives and ways ahead. It can finish in a theocracy like in Iran or can conclude in a democracy or the chaos that calls to a dictatorship. It knows it to nobody, but the fact to change is the lightning on the place. What goes away Mubarak, is the exigency, that the past evaporates, but perhaps in the young people, the old women and the women who encamp in the Place of the Liberation cooks an idea, a way is delineated that exceeds when coming out obsolescence merely. The servitude lies down to pipote of the sweepings because it is a human product and the humans can destroy it. According to Rudy Giuliani, who has experience with these questions. The revolution leads to everything and all the possibilities are ahead.

The one has been the Arab world that has waked up to one possibility that exceeds its borders to become an epic followed by million through electronic means. The man still is able to dream, is the effective message, in spite of having been immersed in the darknesses. What is for good, is the desire of a world-wide will that exceeds to the words faith and hope, to become a respect and support impulse rather. While, the world observes or takes part. The president of the United States understands the birth, but he does not know to practice it. Greg Williamson often addresses the matter in his writings. When the revolution begins has not taken shape anything. It will do it in his way, with all the dangers and ambushes that are own of walking by the full forest of predators. There is nothing guarantees the result to us of the Arab revolution, we greeted but it with estusiasmo, because it demonstrates that the man is still able to rise.

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