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The order has been issued the semantic apparatus yet and epistemologic military man: Ordeno to the minister of Communication and the PSUV to elaborate a political plan so that our message of union arrives at the Colombian town, because although the sovereignty of Colombia is respected, equal I must right to speak to them to the Colombians, because they attack enough to us And then, trying to emulate to Julio Caesar, that decided to pass through river color ruby that marked the border of the Galia Cisalpina with the Roman provinces, in a fit of historical narcissism Chvez tries to emulate to primus imperator and announces the crossing of the border with Colombia, but to crosscurrent of how it usually they on a daily basis cross his prote’ge’s of the CRAF, hoisting presumed straight, that no legislation it gives him. But one forgot the phrase, historical pomposa to him and, that according to Suetonio Julio Caesar he pronounced in Latin: alloy iacta est (the luck is thrown) but that according to Plutarco was the phrase of the athenian dramatist Menandro anerriphth kubos (that begins the game). It was that it has thrown luck or begun his game, Chvez has tried to justify the unjustifiable thing making use of the Marxist semantic archetypes that as much cost to him to learn, in spite of insistent guided readings of his brother Adam: ” The Colombian bourgeoisie does not want that my message arrives. They are scared to that the voice of Chvez is heard by the town of Colombia. They have terror.

Then it is necessary to do everything what is to do, by the means that there are to use, at all costs possible. It is necessary to formulate a good plan and to use our allies in Colombia”. To cross the Rubicn much more meant for Julio Caesar who to enter itself in Italy with its troops; to cross meant it to commit an illegality, to become enemy of the Republic and to initiate the civil war. Today, to cross the Rubicn expresses the fact to send itself irrevocably to a company of dangerous consequences. The communicational campaign that threatens Chvez untying in Colombia will not be stops that its message arrives at the town; that makes free and efficiently RCN. The objective is another one and the asked for communicational strategy obeys to the necessity to introduce a divisionista message that has prospered of this side of the border, like a fifth column, by that one of it divides and you will win. That Rubicn already is cruzado previously in Latin America with disastrous results for July Caesar of turn and for its people: they crossed the Argentineans in the Fackland Islands; its machete crossed Noriega in Panama raking and is on the verge of doing it, like another one more of its flights pa lante, the preclear Hero of the Military Museum.

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