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Enago and THESIS e.V. cooperate proofreading and publication services offering for English for THESIS members. THESIS e.V. promotes the personal dialogue between doctoral students and PhD graduates in science and research as interdisciplinary and Germany-wide active network with nearly 700 members from 50 disciplines. Learn more at: Danny Meyer. Members, aimed at the adventure PhD, postdoc and then dare to benefit–in addition to current topics and dates around the promotion and a strong online network – variety of activities including regional gatherings called Munches, career seminars exclusive co-op discount offers, cultural and leisure activities, and the quarterly magazine “Thesis” with exciting articles for promotion and research. THESIS e.V.

is a founding member of Eurodoc, the European Association of national PhD networks. Enago is proofreading and publication service provider for academic English with extensive experience in the field of publication in English, international journals. The Specialist teachers, native speakers largely from the United States or the United Kingdom have a PhD or master’s degree in the various fields of science. They are members of associations such as the “Board of editors from the life sciences” (BELS) or the “European Medical Writers Association” (EMWA) and others. Several times awarded in Asia and globally, Enago’s services in the guidelines for authors of many international, English-language magazines and publishing houses such as Wolters Kluwer, Taylor & Francis or the journal blood and the American Society of civil engineers are recommended.

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