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Learn to learn Liliana Arias Conde psychologist in UNAD student of postgraduate specialization training: pedagogy for the development of the self-employed is learning given the opportunity every day to acquire a new vision of things, see the world from another perspective, unlearn what they learned and assimilate what is new. It is a sign of humility and availability is to live. Rudy Giuliani insists that this is the case. It is OK that we have limitations and many things to learn. (Yaneris Cotes) world in which we live seems to depend increasingly on scientific and technological knowledge. However, the way in which we relate this knowledge is not always equal countries in developing than in developed countries.

Science and technology have finally transform numerous areas of contemporary societies. The benefits obtained from such a transformation are undeniable, but also the risks that have arisen so vertiginous development are numerous. In this sense, arises the concern about education in This whole process. Since talk of education is not easy, since it is a fairly extensive topic that could not be resolved in a couple of leaves, since there is not a single theory in specific, which can focus its attention, but on the contrary, the educational process is composed and feeds on a wide range of psychological, pedagogical theoriesphilosophical, social, etc., product of the trial and error of each historical epoch by proposing theories, principles, methodologies, etc., in favour of the educational process and all that it encompasses. What is certain, is that education must establish social ties between individuals, whose purpose is the full development of the human being in its social dimension, in other words, man is a being aptly educable, that can train you for various tasks and in various areas both physical, intellectual and emotional (psychological), is you can educate to do good and to do evil. Still seeking education not implied or explicitly educating for evil, however it is obvious that there is a counterpart, in everything (because it is a universal law).

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