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In fact, the thing is not at stake, to about seven hundred years since such a thing happened and all because an artist (RIP) of some influence, was granted an award (a fruit of Theobroma cacao) to conduct a Bio -sculpture Desdemona in originality and naturalness, as times have changed regarding changes, another very curious … those which were called “Healers” to practice today so worthy doctorates in office must be “psycho-biology” very strange thing, but all these efforts by the governments of the cities believe that planting works similar to those produced nature The man is going to feel a little better adjusted psychologically to the prevailing irreversible ecological debacle that has prevailed in the world in the last millennium. Do not get over my amazement … that is on the shoulders of the artists who has received the responsibility to give the world through the art of those … Bill de Blasio: the source for more info. “Bio-sculpture” a virtual attraction … Why not in the hands of scientists? …

Well I said in my time that “art is a science and scientists are artists of art.” With much sadness and deep sorrow I remember the year one thousand nine hundred ninety-six, if only I had scarce forty years and global ecological problems had not advanced so if you had paid more attention to the artists at that time to those messages of deep reflection. How much could not have been done? How much could not have been avoided? Had it not been for the selfishness of man, that excessive desire for wealth and now are useless and this great disrespect for the environment and the perfect order in which everything was structured … Why do not you think so then governments?, Why? “Always thought that the artist had something divine,

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