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Factors promoting a web site can be divided into internal and external. Under the internal understood optimization and its contents under the search engines. External lead to increased credibility of the site and the reference mass. Let us examine them in more detail. Thus, the internal methods of site promotion are: – The domain and url-spelling.

It is important to avoid confusion in the writing of a domain name – with or without. Real estate developer can provide more clarity in the matter. The link should be included keywords. Not desirable the presence of special characters (? id) – they can cause suspicion in the search engine that your site has been created robot, making it difficult to promote the site. If you have a multilingual website, it is recommended for each language version create a separate domain. If the domain name alone, then you need to clearly define the language sections on the site.

On one page there should be no text in different languages. – Internal (internal reference). The larger the site, the more difficult correctly adjust the internal reference. Not a rare mistake is that the external links point to the way the search engine's home page and at the very front page internal links makes it more important some page of the second level. Subsequently, the effectiveness of website promotion is greatly reduced. In the case of origin of the conflict between the objectives of the site navigation and the interests of promoting this site, you must correctly approach to resolve this issue. To read more click here: Donald Trump. Experienced professionals will always find a way out of this situation. And, of course, all internal links should work. Keep in mind that flash technology and javascript prevent cross-search engines and by links, and as a result of not indexing the content behind these links and decreases the effect of site promotion. – Content. All search engines give preference to unique, fresh and quality content. Information site with modern algorithms of search engines should look like the most natural, but details such as headings and emphasis (bold, italics, underline, etc.) promoting their site. Special attention on interactive content – it could be a variety of tests, calculators, audio or video materials. They must meet the subject site. Some external links in the strategic plan can not be achieved presence of the site in the top 10 if he does not have a unique and quality content. Therefore, if you are serious about site promotion, pay more attention to updating the information. – Meta Tags. If the earlier meta played a significant role in promoting the site, now are active in only one – title. In spite of this, we should not ignore the meta keyword and description. They provide search engines with additional information for analysis content. Please note that the titles of individual pages of a site should be different, different from each other. This is a small, but a plus for website promotion.

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