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If any lesson we have learned the Hondurans and the Honduran lucid is that just causes, must be upheld. And although resistance had been since always and in silence, today has taken a totally different sense. The word resistance has transcended and exceeded the denotative dictionary sense. 88 Days of peaceful resistance, this has become a powerful weapon that disarms the aggression of this regime, and compete in an unknown field for those who have the monopoly of the chaos, violence, terror, and the media in the media embobamiento. Before the usurper and authoritarian Government that we have today, the word resistance has to be them ugly and terrifying by that fail to translate their logic, nor their language.

However, Honduras resists and knows ultimately that this matter is of courage and conviction. The success of the peaceful resistance part of a constitutional and moral certainty nobody should obedience to a usurper Government or those who assume functions or public employment by force of arms or using means or procedures that violate or are unaware of what this Constitution and the laws establish. Verified by such authorities acts are null and void. The people are entitled to have recourse to the insurrection in defense of the constitutional order. (Article 3 of our Constitution) The people reject the regime de facto, the largest repudiation showed it on September 15, when the usurper Government issued an order with character of mandatory (via managers of human resources in government offices) to attend the military parade, the people rebelled and participated creatively in his own parade.

And the second contempt did Tuesday, when despite having imposed a curfew, the resistance that is the town was organized in each of the neighborhoods, colonies, villages, hamlets, etc. For today Tuesday, September 23 has been called a Mega resistance Pacifica in the Francisco Morazan National Pedagogical University. Resistance is the soul of the people, and like the Mahatma Gandhi which in Sanskrit means great soul, we know that our reward is in the effort and not on the result. A total effort is a complete victory. There is no way to peace, peace is the way. resistance! !ROSAS ROJAS AND FIST!

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