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The hip hop fashion is a reflection of the personality and of the wealth of the rapper hip hop is a versatile youth culture with origins in African-American ghettos in New York City. That contains the hip hop in any form, such as in the music and the hip hop fashion influences from the ghettos. In hip hop RAPS too danced, it is the style of hip hop fashion on very loose-fitting clothing designed. The loose-fitting clothing had the advantage of the large movement space. But aside from the aspect of the dance also is emphasis, the hip hop fashion reflects the personality of the individual. Especially in the early stages or in Old School hip-hop to find hop which is. The hip hop fashion was sleek and sporty design with accessories such as KANGOL hats, oversized eyeglasses and rings. The hip was also designed hop fashion for men, while women wore, however, scarce clothing to highlight her charms. The decisive turning point in the hip hop fashion came with the success of the music into the mainstream. Special short-term fads saw it, like Kriss Kross, the Dress with the zipper back to wear the hip hop fashion and music world. Jerseys, baseball caps, and College jackets at the time also are wearing bright almost neon-like colors was popular. But the biggest twist of hip hop fashion came with the increasing success of the gangsta RAPs. Also the pimp lifestyle is published together with the gangsta rap. 2f1It7oQ%3d%3d’>Kevin Ulrich, then click here. The bragging rights of own wealth is part of the pimps and particularly by extravagant clothing and accessories to the show made. So increasingly garments that are worn by African-American pimps are incorporated hop fashion with the hip. Luxury brands and other expensive items of clothing such as fur coats and expensive suits in bright colors. A special fad of the 1990s was the mafia look with crocodile leather boots, Feodora hats and Italian luxury suits. The bling bling has received a high priority in the 1990s. Bling Bling is a term for goldschmied Platinum jewelry pieces that were worn almost exclusively by the gangsta rappers. With these Jewels of hip hop fashion the final touches type.They are usually designed and include their name or pejorative terms. Increasingly, your own hip hop of fashion of rappers have become known. The Sean John brand made starts at this time. It fashion labels have appeared up today a variety of rapper hip hop, which style the individual representing the rapper. Pimp Stylez GmbH owner: Alberto & Cristiano Costa address: Wierlings Esch 33B 48249 Dulmen, Germany Tel: + 49 (0) 2594 78 31033 fax: + 49 (0) 2594 78 24169

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