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When we will be free? She will be that after the day the 13 of May of 1888 all people if had become free? The society in which we are part lives in full freedom? All the human beings currently live with dignity? The reply to the all these investigations are not. Some workers continue being enslaved of its unhappy ignorance that is fed by great chains where ' ' espertalhes' ' arrests exploring them. Today these chains are not material, but yes psychological. Or you make what I control or will not have what to eat. This cycle of exploration if repeats, as it was a left inheritance of father for son. The exploration of the infantile work is a Brazilian reality and alone the education can revert this process.

The knowledge is the key for the true freedom. A good example of this question is the ticket of the Age of the darknesses for the Renaissance and the Iluminismo, the humanity renasceu when the windows of the knowledge if had opened and can see the sun, the light. We are in the Age of the Information and of Globalization, but not yet we are free. It is in the hour of the human beings to renascerem and to change its behind concept of freedom. All the work will have to be carried through with pleasure, of total agreement of the parts and with remuneration joust to the executed work.

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