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“Regional climate change strategy targeting the by smart geomatics pointed energy savings potential of buildings as well as the development of concrete actions to a regional climate change strategy with the aim of the district zeozweifrei” to provide, justify. This municipality cross-pilot project was carried out by the environment and Energy Agency district Karlsruhe, which was founded in October 2008 by the Stadtwerke Bretten, Bruchsal and Ettlingen, the EnBW regional AG and Northern Karlsruhe County. The CO2 reduction to be implemented under the aspect of the economy. County hopes for an increase in the economic dynamics of the region thus, by locally based companies renewable-energy plants, build, maintain and operate. Value added and employment in the region remain so. The holistic approach of the project was positively assessed by the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety and with 80% promoted. The EnBW regional AG helped thankfully the elaboration of the concept through their subsidy amounting to EUR 60,000. Short profile smart geomatics the software and service company smart geomatics GbR, Karlsruhe, is active in the field of geoinformatics.

Main activity is research, editing, processing and analysing geographic data by surveying offices and registers, from which the company collects such potentials from renewable energy sources. Customers of smart geomatics are municipalities, sales or marketing departments of banks, but also consulting companies, which use these results for their acquisition. With a self-developed software, Geomatics on the basis of geodata smart determines how can be use individual building roof areas for solar power. Determine not only the angle of inclination, orientation and size of the roof areas. Shading effects are taken into account by adjacent buildings or topographical conditions. This allows for the potential of the individual roof surfaces to use determine for solar energy. At the same time the annual CO2 savings potential is calculated, generated by installation of a solar power system.

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