Fax Receiving Numbers Now Also In Luxembourg:

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With the InterFAX Internet fax service comfortable fax send and receive over the Internet now with receiving numbers in Luxembourg Stuttgart, 5th of July 2011, one of the leading electronic communication service provider in Germany, the GTC TeleCommunication GmbH (www.gtc.de) expands his offer: fax numbers in Luxembourg are now available for receiving faxes. GTC InterFAX (www.interfax.net) is known for its easy to use Internet fax solution: on your own PC and without special hardware and software to receive and send faxes can be. An Internet connection is sufficient. Users are for fax receive receiving numbers in Germany, Austria and in the Switzerland and many other European and non-European countries. Since this month, GTC InterFAX extended its offer on receiving numbers in Luxembourg. GTC InterFAX fax reception ensures absolute flexibility – without fax machine also for receiving on the go on your Smartphone or laptop. Just a few minutes after Online registration the user receives its individual fax reception number.

Faxes to the fax reception number delivered directly by E-Mail either as PDF or tiff file. The incoming faxes he can access anywhere where he can get his emails: around the world on the go. Just as easily work the shipping of InterFAX faxes. A simple Internet connection is sufficient for all fax communications. Fax with InterFAX is a practical solution for small businesses that can save themselves so the fax machine. GTC inter-FAX provides an extremely convenient and practical alternative to fax machines and fax servers but also for medium-sized and large companies: with GTC InterFAX, everyone gets their own fax number. Incoming faxes get so guaranteed and without delay to the correct recipient and remain private. The fax sending and receiving with GTC InterFAX easily into the existing software environment integrates comprehensive developer tools.

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