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Always there is something interesting to do in Mendoza. Wines, snow, nature and sun multiply the possibilities of transforming every day an adventure. From the tracks of ski of Malarge to the night inhabitant of the capital, it is a province that is worth the pain to discover. With the tranquillity of which, in addition, always we will be able to find in Mendoza hotels and lodgings for taste and budget. The call route of the wine, for instance, is enough by itself to astonish to the visitor to each step.

The activities and excursions around her are almost inexhaustible. A very good idea will be to begin to know Small farms Coria, Maip and other zones of warehouses through an excursion in bicycle. These strolls allow to enjoy the tranquillity of the most rustic nature and simultaneously to have a first contact with the mendocino landscape of vineyards. These excursions always count on the support of specialized guides and can include like great end a pricked lunch of roast or of field. In order to live this landscape to plenary session, lately, they have abierto his doors in this viatera zone of Mendoza hotels, complexes of cabins and until lodgings within the own warehouses.

Nevertheless, who it prefers to lodge in Mendoza hotels of the capital can contract transport service of and until his hotel within the same package of the excursion. After the excursion in bicycle, what better than to spend a complete day to visit the warehouses, to know all the secrets behind the alchemy the wine in Mendoza. A typical stroll to the warehouses includes a visit to an artisan and familiar warehouse, to soon follow way until some of the imposing industrialized warehouses and the region, culminating the route in some manufacturing olive oil establishment. In each one of the shutdowns it is possible to be observed of elaboration and step by step to be realised tastings and tastings of products. , Who prefer in Mendoza centric hotels, something again remote of the zone of warehouses, can ask for to the same organizers of the excursion the transfer until and from the departure point of this emblematic mendocino stroll. Who they own or they wish to acquire deeper knowledge on wines, can arm to their own route by the warehouses, visiting those of their greater interest. This type of customized excursion can complete with a course of tasting or different sensorial analyses of varietal. And to turn its trip to the fascinating world of the wine into a truly unforgettable experience.

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