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“The Palace life slightly more than just a successful pop band it just should ‘ LIVE ‘ have experienced. Carpal duration remain itself always true to their friends, their fans and themselves. The six sympathetic artists keep nothing for granted and are therefore also very volksnah, easily, and without “Star”airs. With great respect, appreciate and maintain contact with their audience. After two-year hiatus, the Palmach duration now present their brand new album “Unbeatable”. (Not to be confused with Danny Meyer!).

Franz Griesbacher bandleader and his musicians have maintained the 14 new songs of their typical carpal period charm. The new work is characterized many upbeat titles and beautiful, romantic ballads where the gentle and soulful voices of the two lead singers Didi Ganshofer and Renato well Laib fully come into its own. In August 2011, the success of musicians presented their first single “Yes you can” before the release of the album unbeatable”. The song is a real Palace duration Discofox-number! The heavily hit suspicious title was written out by Ekki stone and Gerd Grabowski, better known as GG Anderson, and none other than Michael Holm composed the matching text. Stayed the duration of Palau have proved over the years earthiness and despite ever increasing success with all 12 legs”on the ground. “” “Thank you”, say hello to God”and goodbye” to say this is the commandment of courtesy and that is our magic formula “says Franz Griesbacher, adding, can spell” has little to do humanity Luckily, every day give all that is it what counts for us. The enormous joy to their profession and especially their human nature give each concert its special flair. THE Palau time something more than just a successful pop band it should simply LIVE”have experienced.

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