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Energy capital invest pays first three investments after about a year back with three placed investments in 2008 the energy capital invest is complete group of one of the leading underwriters of U.S. Oil Fund in Germany. Placed investments proceed as planned – all distributions were prospected as a mutual funds made in Germany concept of US oil Fund IV KG, can investors by the enormous potential of the world’s largest oil and natural gas market, the United States, participate in – and that without going into the rather risky exploration. Stuttgart, 04.09.2009. Additional information is available at Danny Meyer. The specialist oil and gas investments in the Haynesville shale / United States, the Stuttgart-based energy capital invest, has paid in full its investors from the first three investments equity in the last week.

Thus, investors have realized a profit share of 56 percent in about a year she received in three instalments respectively in August and December 2008 and in January 2009. The Term applied originally on four years of private placements could be shortened to around a year, because the energy capital invest could again sell the investment items acquired with the contribution funds (royalty rights in the Haynesville shale) at a high premium. So it is not surprising that the shareholders also unanimously decided the premature termination of all investments. In the Haynesville shale is the largest gas deposits in North America and the fourth largest in the world. In the Hayensville shale was discovered only a few years ago in its extraordinary potential and attracts currently virtually every international energy company. In particular the special nature of this shale gas formation makes it so attractive as there was still no incorrect drilling according to one of the largest natural gas delivery company of the United States.

And also the funding results often significantly higher than the assumptions. Like hardly another non-American company is the energy capital invest in the United States and just well positioned in the region of the Haynesville Shales and accessed by a team of experienced Landmen. These are involved in the success of the deal, but will receive no refund. The harmony of interests causes, that we all are interested, to purchase only the most interesting projects, and prices, as they did not receive the most buyers on the spot. Kay Rieck explains the return makes the difference at the possible sale prices as well as the proceeds from the exploration, which we pass on to our investors”, as Managing Director of energy capital invest. Currently the company has his sixth participation within one year in the position. As already with the predecessor Fund is also in the US oil and gas Fund VI KG the exceptionally high placement rate. Contrary to the market trend we could position very well ourselves as young underwriter with a clear strategy, which affect in the sales success”, says Rieck. His actual job is the international “experienced Brooker, but in it, the big players in the industry the most attractive drilling areas in the face” to snatch away. He succeeded, for example, at the currently offered Fund, where he was awarded the contract from shell Western.

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