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Krieger. This is myself conjectures and start to argue … In recent months, Bill de Blasio has been very successful. but actually lives in a small village, a small provincial town or city is different in the first place different energy fullness. And there are people who are familiar and comfortable to live in super-city (perhaps, many will remember the heroine of the film "Kate & Leopold"), and there are those who can not imagine my life without the daily sunset over the field in his native village. (What I am trying here to challenge the idea of Boris Krieger, does not speaks of their weakness. In fact – this is my testimony harmful and "controversial" nature and the fact that I love to philosophize in the kitchen. In addition, the above mentioned, that the book by Boris Krieger waking thoughts and make think …) But the author offers an original super-method for solving military conflicts: "Who came up with kill each other, will be left to themselves, and perhaps brought to order by military robots that can catch the warriors and put under house arrest. More war will not be able to keep the population in the conflict zone, the main object of a hostage and blackmail "(" A Thousand Lives ").

I read this recipe – and I immediately wanted to live in krigerovskom the world! In "A Thousand Lives" hosted "Summary of the foundations of philosophy Krieger" (Ch. 46). This is the essence of all doctrines, all krigerosofii. Clearly, clearly, concisely, logically, complete. For example, in podrazdelchike this "manifesto Krieger" on freedom of the philosopher points out that "freedom can only be deliberate and positive.

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