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STRATEGIC PLAN FOR LATIN AMERICA CHEST Jaime Parejo PEAL began developing the day November 2, 2001 providing what method would be a first course in America Chest, particularly in Santiago de Chile, officially the Public Safety Division of the Ministry of Interior the Government of Chile. The development of these nine years of PEAL and legacy of Chest method (officially, in January 2005, Public Utility Humanitarian by the UNESCO Centre of the Autonomous City of Melilla) has made and continue to make progress to Latin America, as important as necessary, to have heavily favored the rescue of human lives, both in the present and future generations, enhancing demonstrated the effectiveness in finding and locating people buried alive (earthquakes, landslides …) , explosives, landmines, narcotics … NY museums s opinions are not widely known. (officially accredited by the relevant institutional bodies) Canine teams having been formed officially by the method highly effective National Police Chest in Colombia, Santiago Fire Department (XVI Company), Fire Department in Mexico City , National Police of Ecuador (GIR), Army of Ecuador (Special Branch 9), Caracas Police Force, Fire Department in El Salvador, Canes Corporation Rescue Without Borders, Chile, Guatemala Fire Department.

Decided by Jaime Parejo own personal will, confront and directly bear the necessary technical guidance and instruction principal, in the respective set of courses scheduled in Latin America, and opted, unselfishly, not to receive any extra financial rewards during the development of such an important and necessary international experience to plan, in countries with a high risk of accidents, where in addition to directing the dog teams participated in all those incidents occurred coincident in time and place (in all these transactions, the exact spots where people were buried, even in cases of extreme hardship perceptive, were located and marked, quickly, dogs Chest method, being accredited by the respective institutional reports and emergency personnel intervening Fire El Salvador, Fire Specialist Group Castilla y Leon …) during the execution of his mission, which has created a sound humanitarian priority in his life, above all kinds of professional interests, economic, personal ….

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