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At the end of a therapy Superquantum imparted to one of my clients, I saw his aura was very bright, clean. bright, beautiful and so expanded that really surprised me, for those who have not seen the aura own or another person, the description would be like a fantastic light halo surrounding the body, his eyes shining brightly and his face radiated happiness and perfection, so I was impressed, a mirror near him and she stayed very well be impacted positively, with respect to this ability, most of us children had spontaneous experiences, not all clear, but if the vast majority, then the constraints of the world " real "adults were burying these capabilities, you know what I told you is pure imagination," these strange seeing those cartoons again, "is that you are very ideos", "lands", "are just fantasies" the truth of the matter is that there are people to whom he fears, or thinks this hallucinating, on another occasion I sought to meet a child because when people saw his eyes were converted into clouds and some light was involved with lots of light and different colors according to the person they were, saw some were wrapped in colored light, other orange, other blue, violet and so to another according to the person, others saw them off as shrouded in gray clouds, his mother was very worried about this, as was already influencing your child with the fear of seeing strange things, it really is therapy and I had advice to give to the boy's mother and the baby clear explain that it was normal for their age and teach you an exercise to connect and disconnect the power of vision I had at will, I believe the popular saying that "children now come with a chip over" is true , and more, is interesting as it has been investigated and there are books and courses to understand and educate the indigo and crystal children, we are actually living and other "reality", if something clicked when reading this article, is that your conscience is developing beyond the "established", congratulations! ,,,, Have a happy weekend, hugs. .

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