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“Reboot on all fronts: for Hautnah” she has teamed up with new songwriters and producers direct to monotony, surrounded a tie to advance. Marcel Brell and Christopher Gronau for example are 20 with Center while young, but that has irritated Anna Maria. I was never been so open to new ideas as it is now.” “Were a total of 60 songs to choose from, but the chaff is quickly separated from the wheat, because the 23-year-old knows exactly what she wants: positive songs with a message.” “” Just the two ballads by Hautnah”are prime examples of the new Anna Maria Zimmermann: the show is not over yet” speaks volumes, and the text itself, you are the music “, however, is a play about passion and devotion. Earlier, she had texts such as the wild feelings”skeptical said today she is firmly behind it. Also because your copywriter like Tobias Reitz (Helene Fischer), Homig (Jurgen Drews) and her master producer team Xtreme sound just listened to Andre Franke and Joachim Horn Mountain (Howard Carpendale, Matthias Reim) or pure, in what direction the whole thing to tend.

The new album is wide spread, it is not boring.” The singer is proud of the result. “” It has many favorites, such as debt, friendship ring but was only disco Fox “or but I’m strong”,”she likes particularly. I am young, I can not sing, that I was cheated a thousand times or as it was 20 years ago. I’m authentic. And I’m one hundred percent behind each song.” “The fans appreciate it, the first single 100,000 shining star” their so far best placement entered on square 60 of the charts,. “It can continue, if Hautnah” appears on the 27.1.2012. Maybe even the accident and your handicap will soon be no longer an issue. Gaby KoSTER has said a great sentence: I didn’t do anything special, I was just sick!’ So I think it also.” “How true: end of February is Anna Maria club tour and for the first time on pop star from 16.9. to 2.12 2012 Parade” through Germany’s largest arenas.

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